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Sprays, Gels & Wipes Protection Pack

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Cater to all your cleaning needs in one great value disinfectant pack. Contains rapid surface sanitiser, medical-grade antibacterial hand rub, sanitising hand wipes, and universal surface wipes.


What's in this Disinfectant Pack?

A multi-purpose pack containing disinfectant spray and wipes trusted by the NHS. This versatile disinfectant pack includes a range of cleaning products that are an essential part of PPE and suitable for cleaning hands and hard surfaces in a wide range of environments.

Our Sprays, Gels & Wipes Protection Pack contains

Steroclenz Rapid is a powerful water-based foam for the rapid cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces. It has been independently tested in the UK in 'real world' conditions with proven contact times. It’s suited to all forms of commercial cleaning, including cleaning up blood and bodily fluid spills and is ideal for use on all surface areas prone to high infection risk.

This disinfectant spray pack is proven to provide 4-hour residual protection against bacteria and spores and ensures 99.999% kill rates against germs in seconds.

It’s simple to use. Just clearly target the area where the foam is required and coat with a white foam so you can see where the spray has been applied. This ensures a cost-effective cleaning regime: the same area isn't cleaned twice!

This Stero-san Hand Sanitiser 500ml cleansing gel is an essential disinfectant pack item and is made with a tried and tested antiviral formula that is trusted by the NHS. 

Keep your hands clean with a unique formula to protect the skin without drying it out. It absorbs quickly. Just one quick pump is needed to cover both hands. Using a hand sanitising rub is an ideal alternative to soap and water when washing your hands is impractical or inconvenient.

This disinfectant pack provides a big bottle with 500ml of hand gel, making it ideal for transporting and storing in public places with high traffic to promote regular hand hygiene and reduce infection transmission.

Individually wrapped, sterile antibacterial hand disinfectant wipes. Small pack size for easy transportation and storage. Produced by a leading brand, Hygea, these disinfectant packs contain wipes made with gentle antimicrobial agents and moisturisers that keep hands sanitised and remain effective for up to 24 hours.

Produced by leading manufacturer PDI, these disinfectant hand wipes contain a unique formula proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs. They are ideal for protecting patients and clinical staff. 

PDI Sani-Cloth Universal Wipes are pre-dosed, alcohol-free, disposable disinfection and cleaning wipes for non-invasive medical devices and non-porous hard surfaces. Choose a disinfecting wipes pack that is tested and proven to be effective against Covid-19 where possible. These wipes have been tested via the EN14476 testing method to effectively kill the coronavirus strain that causes Covid-19 

The universal wipes come in an ergonomic container to minimise unnecessary contact and reduce cross-contamination. Produced by renowned infection control experts PDI, these are widely considered to be one of the best surface disinfectant wipes packs on the market.

Benefits of the Steroplast Disinfectant Pack

When assessing what infection control disposables and PPE equipment you need, getting value for money is just one benefit of this product. This disinfectant pack contains premium products perfectly suited to thorough and effective cleaning of hard surfaces while maintaining optimal hand hygiene to reduce viral and bacterial transmission. 

Our disinfectant wipes and spray pack is great value, long-lasting, and means you can purchase everything you need to maintain excellent hygiene in one go. 

Who Needs A Disinfecting Pack?

Use industry-respected disinfectant spray and wipes to maintain hygiene and infection control in a wide range of environments. This disinfectant pack is ideal for personal care in healthcare environments, including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, care homes, and mobile healthcare facilities. 

It would also be well suited to salons and spas that interact with the public. For more information, check out this article about the importance of PPE use in salons. This versatile disinfectant pack is well suited to anywhere where infection transmission needs to be controlled and minimised to keep people safe.

Use this disinfectant pack for hand hygiene and hard surface cleaning alongside other essential PPE infection control packs such as our Masks, Gloves, and Finger Protection Pack, or Gloves, Hand Wipes and Sanitiser Protection Pack to achieve maximum protection. You can find out more about the difference between nitrile and latex gloves on our blog too. 


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