Steroplast Fabric Plasters Voted Best in the UK by Which?

Steroplast Fabric Plasters Voted Best in the UK by Which?
12 August 2022

Steroplast Fabric Plasters Voted Best in the UK by Which?

We were thrilled to find out today that Steroplast Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters were the winners of a rigorous test conducted by Which? to find out which plaster is number one in the UK for longevity and affordability. 

Which? is a major non-profit, 100% independent organisation dedicated to protecting consumers by reviewing UK products for safety, quality, and cost.

With 25 years of experience developing high-performance adhesives, we're confident you won't find a better plaster with such a wide variety of shapes and sizes for every eventuality.

The Tests

Plasters from each brand were put through the wringer by Which? in a series of tests to determine which one lasts the longest. Tests included a one-hour bath soak, a 50-minute session on a jogger's back, and a day attached to the arm of a six-year-old. The plasters were even tested on a three-day stint, including daily showers and a 50-mile bike ride.

Through these gruelling tests, Steroplast's Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters came out on top, with Which? touting them as "incredibly long-lasting, water-resistant, sweat-resistant, [and] great value."

Applying plaster on knee

A Reliable Plaster That Sticks by You

Which? Described our plasters as “difficult to budge, almost regardless of where you put them”.

When we designed the Steroplast Premium fabric plaster, we aimed for utmost endurance and protection. Years of consumer research and speciality input from the healthcare community told us we need to provide a plaster that simply stays put while the wearer gets on with their life. 

We used high-tac, medical-grade zinc oxide adhesive on a superior elastic fabric base to create a plaster that can be put anywhere and go through virtually anything. As a result, your wound is kept safe and free from infection while you save money using fewer plasters. 

The Plaster Range That's Safe for Childminders, Schools and Nurseries to Use on Children

All Steroplast's washproof hypoallergenic plasters are perfect for a child's sensitive skin. Some children have allergies to the adhesive used on fabric plasters (i.e. plasters that contain latex), which is why we recommend you use Sterostrip, the washproof plaster brand from Steroplast.

With so much conflicting advice on what can and can't be used on children, Steroplast have consulted with Millie's Trust, the editor of a first aid manual and OFSTED themselves to give you a 100% guarantee that Sterostrip washproof hypoallergenic plasters are an excellent choice for treating a wound on a child.

What's Best for my Kids? Hypoallergenic Adhesive

Occasionally the skin may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive on a plaster or adhesive dressing. While a reaction isn't considered to be serious, low allergy or hypoallergenic adhesives on washproof plasters greatly reduce the risk of this happening.

Sterochef Plasters

We also have blue detectable plasters, coated with medical-grade adhesive, ideal for the food and catering industry.

You can rest assured that everything we supply is of the highest quality, is tried and tested, comes complete with robust guarantees, gets delivered on time, and has been designed to meet the toughest UK and EU standards.

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