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Steroplast Healthcare Foundation

Investing in children’s education, making dreams a reality – Steroplast Healthcare Foundation

The Steroplast Healthcare Foundation started life as The Young Children’s Perpetual Charity (Registered 1000352). The charity was originally set up in August 1990 by my parents. It was set up in the memory of my sister, Samantha Louise (16.11.61 – 16.2.62).

As Managing Director of Steroplast Healthcare, I wanted to carry on with my parents good work. I intend to continue to raise funds and invest in children’s education in Africa. Having spent some time in both Uganda and Kenya, I got to experience first-hand just how valued education is to so many children, and exactly how much it can change their lives. Essentially it is their tool to get them out of poverty.

Any money raised goes directly to the charity or charities, and this is personally ensured by myself. Money is wired from our account directly into the account of the charity. There are no middlemen, no administration fees, and nothing at all is taken by Steroplast or myself. Every single penny goes to good use! Bearing in mind children in Africa can get a meal for only 60 pence. You can then understand just how important the pennies really are.

Steroplast Healthcare as a company contributes a percentage of its profits every year into the charity. Naturally the better we do as a business, the more money the charity gets. Steroplast has the added advantage of supplying a vast range of medical products to companies around the world. Therefore we have this amazing opportunity to donate medical products exactly where they are needed.

Peoples help is always welcome

As a newcomer to charities I am always interested to hear other people’s perspectives and experiences. I am always available and welcome any new ideas or suggestions on how we can help. I was recently in touch with a couple of young entrepreneurs featured on “Dragons Den”. They had a great idea regarding a water purification device to make contaminated water safe. Having seen that for relatively little money, a life can be saved, it spurs me on to do more.

Steroplast Healthcare Foundation

The photograph above is myself on a trip to Uganda. I got to experience first hand the immeasurable warmth and hospitality of the locals.

If you would like to make a difference, and who knows, maybe even save a life, please contact:

Charity Events

Our charity fundraising events aim to raise money for the Steroplast Healthcare Foundation and other incredible charities.

The Secrets and Magic of Manchester

This event was organised to raise funds for North West Air Ambulance and Forever Manchester. It featured:

  • Close-up magic
  • Secrets of the physio room with Dave Fevre
  • A charity raffle
  • Secret stories of Manchester