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Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape

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Kinesiology tape gives additional support and stability to muscles and joints without affecting the wearer's range of movement or circulation.

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How does kinesiology tape work?

It's designed to mimic the skin's elasticity so you can use your full range of motion. The tape's medical-grade adhesive is also water-resistant and strong enough to stay on for three to five days, even while you work out or take showers. 

When the tape is applied to your body, it recoils slightly, gently lifting your skin. It is believed that helps to create a microscopic space between your skin and the tissues underneath it.

What can it be used for?

  • Back pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Hamstring strain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle sprain
  • Swelling

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Sterotape-K is 100% latex-free and low allergy - perfect for sensitive skin
  • Once applied it can be worn for days at a time
  • Wavelike adhesive pattern aids breathability and wearer comfort
  • Easy to apply, stretches with the bodies movement
  • Flexes with skin's natural elasticity
  • Long term adhesion, can be worn for up to one week
  • Water repellent fabric, for use in sport and showering
  • 5cm x 5m Rolls
  • All Sterotape-K rolls are supplied individually boxed
  • Available in red, blue and flesh colours
  • Comfortable - you will hardly notice it's on

How to use kinesiology tape for Plantar Fasciitis treatment:

Taping and strapping helps to stabilize the plantar fascia, reducing the amount of movement the ligament does and giving it time to heal.

  1. Rest the leg on a table or flat surface, ensuring the foot is clean and dry.
  2. Apply tape horizontally around the metatarsal area (ball of the foot).
  3. Wrap a piece of tape around the heel, connecting each end to the ball of the foot.
  4. Wrap another piece around the back of the heel and place the ends of the strip across the sole of the foot – forming an X shape in the center of the arch.
  5. Repeat this 3 times to create a rigid support.
  6. Cover the rest of the foot in horizontal strips of tape to cover all of the skin apart from the toes.

See our blog for more information about Plantar Fasciitis and how it can be treated and how kinesiology tape can ease bunion pain as well as general foot pain

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