Sterostrip Washproof Hypoallergenic Plasters | Assorted Sizes | Sterile & Latex-Free

Sterostrip Washproof Hypoallergenic Plasters | Assorted Sizes | Sterile & Latex-Free

Sterostrip Clear Washproof Plasters | Assorted Sizes | Hypoallergenic & Transparent

Clear waterproof plasters for discreet wound care. Hypoallergenic and highly flexible, these transparent plasters mould to the body and feel like a second skin.

Also, see our Clear Assorted Plasters for retail-ready boxes of the same product for shops.

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Sterostrip Clear Washproof Plasters — Assorted Sizes
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Sterostrip Clear Washproof Plasters | Assorted Sizes | 100 Plasters | Single Box (SKU: 7869F/1)
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Sterostrip Clear Washproof Plasters | Assorted Sizes | 100 Plasters | 12 Boxes (SKU: 7869F)
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So discreet, you’ll forget our clear plasters are there, and others won’t notice them at all.

No one plans an injury to happen. A clear plaster is the best option when you need to minimise the appearance of a plaster or dressing. Rather than opting for a nude fabric plaster, our see through plasters blend in with every unique skin tone, significantly reducing the visible area of the dressing. Don't neglect a healing wound if you need to look your best. Use a clear plaster from Steroplast. 

As plaster experts, we designed our clear plasters with all the benefits of the other products in our premium plaster range. Our clear film plasters may feel thin, but don’t let that fool you. They’re tough and won’t split or tear with the wide range of motion from the body.

Each clear plaster is made with hypoallergenic materials designed to be kind to sensitive skin and not cause irritation. We thoroughly test all our products to know they meet high British Standards to be sold to UK consumers. We also use a superior medical-grade adhesive on our clear plasters, which is tested and proven to stay put for longer than other brands despite all the daily activities of normal life.

Why choose Sterostrip Clear Washproof Plasters?

  • Like all our plasters, our transparent plasters are hypoallergenic and ideal for a child’s sensitive skin.
  • Each box comes with five assorted plaster shapes and sizes, designed by us to suit the most common needs.
  • Each plaster has a non-adhesive wound pad to make the removal of the plaster painless.
  • Each item has an individual LOT Number and expiry date printed on the wrapper for easy identification and for your records.
  • Each item has a five-year shelf life while the packaging is intact.
  • The sterility of each plaster is guaranteed for five years while the packaging is intact.
  • All our products are CE Marked and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll arrange a refund if you're unhappy with the product.
  • Each box is individually barcoded. 
  • Box packaging and information can be translated into five languages.

Clear Plasters in Industrial Boxes

Our plasters products come in industrial boxes designed for hospitals, GP surgeries, and other businesses that require a constant supply of first aid products. We don’t only work with healthcare companies, we also supply plasters all over the UK to factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, animal husbandry facilities, and other environments. 

Our clear plasters are favoured for their discretion, comfort, sensitivity, and water resistance and can be used in entertainment, fashion, sports, and childcare. Choose one or 12 boxes, each with 100 plasters in assorted sizes to cover many different body parts and ensure your business has a good supply of clear plasters whenever you need them.

Steroplast: The Plaster Brand

We’ve been in the first aid industry for over 25 years, developing and perfecting our plaster and dressing range. On our website, you can find a comprehensive collection of products, all designed and manufactured to meet the expectations of NHS hospitals and emergency first aid organisations like St John Ambulance. 

Our plasters are medical-grade and ready for professional use in a wide range of healthcare settings. We also offer our premium plasters packaged up and ready for retail. Order any of the products on the list below and receive boxes of plasters that can be put straight on the shelf. Our retail clients can either take advantage of the Steroplast brand to offer their customers top-quality products, or we can re-skin our boxes with their own branding. 

We do everything we can to help our customers and distributors maximise sales, including offering product training, professional product photography, digital product catalogues, drop shipping, and many more benefits.   

You can place a larger order for wholesale plasters in highly tailored shape, size, and combination boxes too. We offer a wide range of different options to get the exact plasters you need.

Take a look at our resource hub, where you can find lots of useful information about when to use different plasters and how to apply them. 

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