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Sterogrip - Blue Elasticated Tubular Bandage

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A seamless, blue elasticated tubular bandage to comply with first aid requirements in food processing. Protect dressings and support soft tissue injuries, or use this bandage as a base layer when applying splints or casts. Moulds to the body's contours and gives the wearer full mobility.

Product codeSizePack sizePrice
9504BLE - 8.75cm1£22.68 (£18.90 excl. VAT)
9503BLD - 7.5cm1£19.07 (£15.90 excl. VAT)
9502BLC - 6.75cm1£17.52 (£14.60 excl. VAT)
9501BLB - 6.25cm1£16.32 (£13.60 excl. VAT)

A convenient, reliable, and safety-compliant bandage for food processing businesses.

When dealing with an injury, it can be tough to continue working in a food processing or catering environment. But with Blue Sterogrip, you can get the support you need to keep going. Blue Sterogrip is direct and practical, providing the help you need to get the job done safely.

The tubular bandage reduces swelling and pain associated with joint and soft tissue injuries by providing support. It can be used as a base layer when applying splints or plaster casts or when holding larger dressings in place.

A seamless tubular bandage conforms closely to the body, eliminating the chance of unravelling or sagging and keeping well out of the way. This is the ideal bandage for busy environments like commercial kitchens or factories. A seamless tubular bandage is the perfect solution if you're looking for an effective and convenient way to keep your injuries safe and protected.

First Aid Compliance for Catering Business Owners

Catering and food processing environments in the UK must use blue plasters, dressings, and bandages to help prevent contamination. This is due to their high visibility, making it easier to see any potential contaminants. 

Blue plasters and some dressings should include a metal strip which allows them to be seen by a metal detector. This is important for ensuring that contaminants are quickly identified and dealt with. By using these products, workers can be confident that they are doing everything possible to keep the work area clean and safe.

Owners of businesses handling food will know that blue first aid supplies must be used according to HSE regulations. Failing to do so could result in fines or action against them.

As a supplier to key first aid organisations and emergency services in the UK, we have created the Sterochef range—a range of first aid supplies dedicated to catering and food processing businesses, all in the signature blue required by law. The Sterochef range is comprehensive, covering everything from minor cuts and scrapes to more severe injuries such as burns and scalds.

The Sterochef range is available now, so if you are a business handling food, make sure you are compliant with the law and get your hands on some Sterochef blue first aid products today.

Why choose Sterogrip Blue Elasticated Tubular Bandage?

  • The bandage is available in a range of the most commonly used sizes to cover ankles, knees, thighs, wrists, and elbow joints.
  • Sterogrip offers high-quality dressing retention to keep dressings protected for longer.
  • Each roll is a generous 10 metres in length.
  • Flexible, comfortable and elasticated; the light compression offered by the bandage means it stays in place but allows optimal movement, excellent for busy working conditions.
  • No need for tapes or pins. The tubular bandage moulds to the body's contours all the way around.
  • This bandage is washable and reusable, making it a highly cost-effective option.

Blue Elasticated Tubular Bandage Size Guide

Sterogrip B6.25cm x 10mHands/ small limbs
Sterogrip C6.75cm x 10mSmall arms/ legs
Sterogrip D7.5cm x 10mLarge arms/ legs
Sterogrip E8.75cm x 10mLegs or small thighs

Medical Grade Bandages from Steroplast

Steroplast is a leading healthcare supplier in the UK. We supply NHS trusts, the British Red Cross, and St John Ambulance with first aid supplies, bandages, dressings, and a wide range of medical essentials.

At Steroplast, we are committed to helping people stay healthy and safe. That's why we supply high-quality healthcare products to all organisations that need them. Our products are designed to help people in emergencies, and our team is passionate about providing the best possible service to our customers.

Other Elasticated Tubular  Bandages

In addition to the blue tubular bandage, we stock standard white Sterogrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage. They are made of an elastic material, making them stretchy and allowing them to fit snugly around various body parts. This makes them ideal for light support and protection. Tubular gauze bandageTubular gauze bandages are also available for more lightweight support. They are made of thin, gauze-like material and can be easily wrapped around a body part. Both types of bandages can be applied easily with a Sterogrip Tubular Bandage Applicator or a plastic finger applicator for Sterogauz.

We stock other light compression bandages, includingSterocrepe Crepe Bandage andSteroply Conforming Bandage. Sterocrepe Crepe Bandage is a popular choice for light compression. It is made from lightweight cotton, making it comfortable to wear. It also has a strong adhesive that will keep it in place during strenuous activity.

Another option is Steroply Conforming Bandage. This bandage is made from a stretchy material that conforms to the body's contours, providing a snug fit.

One of the most versatile bandages is a white open weave bandage, which can be used to hold a dressing in place gently. A multipurpose triangular bandage can also be used for many applications, including as a sling, a pad, or a tourniquet.

Undercast padding is an essential part of cast care. It helps to protect the skin underneath the cast and allows for air circulation, which is important to prevent infection. Steroban-Vet provides complete protection and air circulation. It is made with a soft, polyester/viscose blend that does not absorb moisture and helps the cast to set more quickly.

The Sterotrac Skin Traction Kit is a great way to immobilise a joint and keep it safe while healing. This kit can be bought with either adhesive or non-adhesive strapping to help realign a joint. 

How to Use Our Bandages

Browse our blog forbandaging resources and other healthcare guidance from the experts at Steroplast.

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Associated SKUs 9501BL 9502BL 9503BL 9504BL
Subcategory Bandages
Brand Sterogrip
Type of Product Elasticated Tubular Bandage
Colour Blue
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