Cederroth Textile Plasters - 40 Plasters - 6 Boxes

Cederroth Textile Plasters - 40 Plasters - 6 Boxes

Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters | Assorted Sizes | Lightweight Fabric

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Economical, versatile Steroflex Stretch Plasters with zinc oxide adhesive for superior sticking power, ideal for various settings and wound care needs.

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Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters Assorted Sizes
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Steroflex Stretch Plasters: The economical choice for reliable wound care.

Steroplast Healthcare’s Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters are an essential and reliable solution for quick wound care management. Designed to be a cost-effective option without compromising on quality, these plasters are an excellent choice for a variety of settings, including schools, worksites, animal care facilities, and healthcare environments. Recognising the frequency of minor injuries like cuts and scrapes in these places, Steroflex offers a practical solution: each plaster is sterile, individually wrapped, and ready for immediate use.

What sets these plasters apart is their ‘superior stick’ feature. Despite being an economical option, the Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters are engineered with a high-performance zinc oxide adhesive. This medical-grade adhesive ensures prolonged and secure adhesion, ensuring that cuts are protected effectively. Choose Steroflex for a balance of economy and effectiveness in managing everyday minor injuries.

Find other plasters and dressing strips for industrial use and retailers, including waterproof, clear, hypoallergenic, blister patches, and cut-to-size dressing strips.

17 Benefits of the Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters

  • Zinc Oxide Adhesive: Offers superior adhesive quality for full protection.
  • Sterile Assurance: Each plaster is sterile, aligning with health and safety compliance for reliable protection.
  • Variety of Sizes and Shapes: Assorted options are available to meet diverse needs, ensuring a perfect fit for various wound types.
  • LOT Number Identification: Each plaster wrapper is printed with a LOT number for easy identification and inventory management.
  • Individual Barcoding: Every box is individually barcoded for efficient tracking and stock management.
  • Printed Expiry Date: Expiry dates on each plaster ensure health and safety compliance and aid in inventory checks.
  • Five-Year Shelf Life: Long shelf life with guaranteed plaster sterility for up to five years.
  • CE Marked: Demonstrates that the product has been tested for safety and quality.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Refund arrangement available for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Multi-Language Packaging: Packaging can be translated into five languages, broadening accessibility.
  • Colour-Coded Boxes: Facilitates easy identification and selection of the right product.
  • Economical Yet Quality Option: Offers the same Steroplast quality at a more economical price point than regular fabric plasters.
  • High-Specification Fabric: Ensures excellent conforming properties to the wound area for comfortable wear.
  • Superior Grip: Provides higher levels of adhesion compared to washproof plasters.
  • Soft Pad Design: Cushions wounds while allowing them to breathe, promoting comfort and healing.
  • Individually Wrapped for Safety: Each plaster is individually wrapped to maintain sterility and ensure patient safety.
  • Comprehensive Assortment: The assorted box includes a wide range of sizes to cover various wound types, including fingertip plasters.

What can Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters be used for?

Steroflex Stretch Plasters are an economical yet highly effective solution for wound care. Recognised for their similar efficacy to the Premium Elastic Fabric Plaster, which has been voted the #1 choice in the UK by 'Which?' against other mainstream brands, these plasters serve as a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality or durability.

They are specifically designed for treating minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds, providing secure and reliable protection. The versatility and strength of Steroflex Stretch make it suitable for use in various settings, from homes and schools to workplaces and healthcare facilities, ensuring wounds are effectively covered and allowed to heal optimally.

How to use the Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters

  1. Clean and Dry the Wound: Before applying the plaster, it's essential to clean and dry the wound and the surrounding skin to prevent infection and ensure the plaster adheres properly.
  2. Unwrap the Plaster: Carefully unwrap the plaster. Hold it by the protective strips with the pad side facing downwards, avoiding contact with the adhesive side to maintain sterility.
  3. Peel Back the Strips: Gently peel back the protective strips from the plaster, but do not remove them entirely. This will expose the adhesive while still allowing you to handle the plaster without touching the sticky surface.
  4. Position the Pad: Carefully place the pad directly on the wound. The pad should cover the wound completely, providing a cushion and protection against further injury.
  5. Secure the Plaster: Once the pad is positioned correctly, pull away the remaining strips and press down the edges of the plaster firmly. Ensure the plaster is smooth and secure around the wound for maximum protection and comfort.

For specific guidance on applying plasters to fingers and toes, which can be more challenging due to their shape and movement, refer to our detailed guide with illustrations: How to Apply Plasters on Fingers and Toes. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to ensure effective and comfortable application in these more tricky areas.

When to Seek Medical Assistance

It is essential to monitor your wound for any signs of infection. If you observe any of the following symptoms, it's important to seek medical advice promptly:

  • Redness or Soreness: If the skin around your wound becomes red, sore, or both.
  • Heat and Swelling: Noticeable heat and swelling in the area surrounding the wound.
  • Discharge: The presence of liquid, especially green or yellow pus, oozing from the wound.
  • Reopening of the Wound: If the wound that was healing opens up again.
  • Feeling Unwell or Feverish: Experiencing general feelings of unwellness or having a temperature, which may indicate a fever.

If you experience these symptoms or have any concerns about your wound, it is essential to contact your hospital doctor or a GP without delay. Timely treatment of infections is critical to prevent them from worsening. Remember, your health and safety are paramount, and professional medical advice should always be sought in these circumstances.

Product Specifications

Adhesive Type

Zinc Oxide Adhesive



Shelf Life

5 Years

Health & Safety Compliance

CE Marked, aligns with health and safety standards


Individually wrapped, colour-coded boxes

Sizes in Assorted Box

40 x 7.5cm x 2.5cm
8 x 7.5cm x 5cm
32 x 6cm x 2cm
20 x 4cm x 2cm
4 x 7.2cm x 4.2cm (Fingertip)

What's in this kit?

This kit is based on our best-selling HSE First Aid Kit, which was made especially for low-risk businesses to take care of all their first aid needs in one go. The items in this kit are recommended by the Health and Safety Executive to ensure regular businesses without any outstanding risks are covered and compliant with health and safety laws.




First Aid Emergency Leaflet



Vinyl Gloves (pair)


Paper wallet

Washproof plasters


Card wallet

Safety pins (pack)



Triangular bandage


Loose paper wrap

Alcohol-free wipes


Laminate sachet

Wound dressing (large)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (medium)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (eyepad)


Paper packet

You can also order refills for this kit on our website. Keep your kit stocked with low-plastic alternatives at all times.

Ideal for a Range of Environments

Steroflex Stretch Fabric Plasters are ideal for use in:

  • Workplaces: In work environments where minor injuries can occur, these plasters provide quick and effective wound care.
  • Schools: Essential for school first aid kits, catering to the common cuts and scrapes that occur in active school settings.
  • GP Clinics: A practical option for general practitioners needing to treat a variety of minor wounds efficiently.
  • Hospitals: Suitable for hospital settings where a reliable and sterile plaster supply is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steroflex Stretch Plasters offer superior adhesion thanks to their zinc oxide adhesive. They are an economical alternative without compromising on the quality and durability that Steroplast is known for.

Yes, the high-specification fabric construction is designed to be gentle on the skin, making them suitable for most skin types. However, if irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

It's advisable to change the plaster daily or more frequently if it becomes wet or dirty. Always monitor the wound for signs of infection.

Absolutely. Steroflex Stretch Plasters are sterile and align with health and safety compliance, making them ideal for use in GP clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings.

The assorted box contains a variety of sizes: 40 x (7.5 × 2.5cm); 8 x (7.5 × 5cm); 32 x (6 × 2cm); 20 x (4 × 2cm); 4 x Fingertip, catering to different wound sizes.

Yes, we provide a detailed guide on our website. Visit How to Apply Plasters on Fingers and Toes for step-by-step instructions.

Ensure the wound and surrounding skin are clean and dry. Follow the instructions provided on the packaging for secure application.

Steroflex Stretch Plasters have a shelf life of five years, with guaranteed sterility throughout this period.

If you experience any discomfort or signs of an allergic reaction, remove the plaster and seek medical advice immediately.

While they have superior grip levels, they are not classified as waterproof. Care should be taken to keep the plaster dry.

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