BS8599-2 Vehicle First Aid Kit

Compliant with BS8599-2:2014 for UK motorists, ensuring you have the medical supplies to help in an accident.

British Standard Vehicle First Aid Kits compliant with BS8599-2:2014 for UK Motorists

When it's a matter of life and death, you must be prepared

  • If an accident happens, you'll want to be prepared for potentially life threatening injuries
  • Major trauma injuries require specialist 'trauma dressings' in order that heavy blood loss can be contained
  • Steroplast's new British Standard vehicle first aid kits are equipped with these trauma dressings, so that a life can be saved.

Easy to store - and comes in 3 sizes, boxed or bagged

The Vehicle First Aid Kit takes up very little room in your car and could be placed under the seat in the boot, out of harm's way.

Not only can it prove crucial in the event of a road crash, but also in serious mishaps such as cuts, scrapes and burns. That's why the BSi published BS8599-2:2014 - the new national standard for first aid provision within motor vehicles.

Effective of March 2014, the standard aims to improve safety for all UK motorists by equipping vehicles with the most appropriate first response medical supplies necessary to treat road side injuries. Making it easier than ever before to ensure your motor vehicles are stocked with appropriate first aid provisions.

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Vehicle kit - Bag Medium 8599MVB-M
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Vehicle kit - Case Small 8599MV-S
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