BackBaller Dual Mounted Foam Roller

The high-density back massager and focused muscle relief tool

The BackBaller foam roller, has been specifically designed so that users can self-treat muscles in the upper and lower back.

  • Deep tissue foam massager
  • Stability and control
  • Optimum benefit
  • Knead out all muscle groups
  • Focused muscle relief
  • Normalises muscle tissue

BackBaller takes the standard foam roller that one step further, the platform provides increased stability and user control. Which then allows users to apply their own body weight to normalise the muscle tissue.

Self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling, has completely transformed from a secretive technique used only by professionals, coaches and therapists, into an everyday fitness routine performed by people at all levels. The BackBaller can be used pre and post sport to provide a complete freedom of movement and give an immediate muscle release.

The product has received unbelievable feedback from the sporting world and is used by many high profile professional sports athletes and clubs. 

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