PhysioWrap SPORT

The effective all-in-one system for securing ice packs, gel packs and other forms of cold or warm therapy, to soft-tissue injuries

Treats damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and capsular or cartilaginous structures

*See downloadable PDF below for more information* 

Using the lightweight reusable dispenser, the film’s built-in elasticity, provides fast application to the injured area. It holds the treatment pack firmly in place and needs no preparation, or even unwrapping. The translucent film allows clear observation of the area around the injury, for bruising or other symptoms. Secures Ice (or a gel-based cold pack) to the injury while also applying compression to the affected area. This helps significantly to speed up recovery.

There is no need for pins or other fasteners. No scissors are required and the high -performance film simply sticks to itself (but not to the patient’s skin). It is also quick and painless to remove. This marvellous film is supplied on a lightweight, reusable rigid-plastic dispenser – and is available in a choice of convenient pack sizes. It’s portable and easy to store. One 100-metre roll gives around 50 applications, representing exceptional value for money. The compact, lightweight unit slips easily into a corner of the first-aid bag.

*PhysioWrap rolls are 100mm x 100m

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