Boxing Corner Medical Kit

Whether it is boxing, MMA, Kickboxing or any contact sport, a cornerman needs the right equipment at hand to treat his fighters

This corner kit has everything you need to get your fighter ready and keep them in the fight!

Whether it's boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, any combat sport, any fighter needs a cornerman. The cornerman is essential and without them, there will be no fight.

Steroplast have spoken to many professional cornerman and fighters from different combat sports fields to create the perfect kit that can be taken along to training or fight night to look after the fighter.

The Steroplast corner kit comes in our Steroplast Sports Bag to make it easier to take down to the gym or venue on fight night. We also provide a refill pack which is the same kit as the full corner kit, provided in a polybag. Every fighter's cornerman needs to be prepared for every training session and fight night and Steroplast make that job easier.

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail!

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