Wound Dressing - Sterostrip - Sutures, Wound Closures

The strongest and most reliable wound closures on the market

Extra strength, individually wrapped, sterile wound closures

  • The nylon strengthening fibres run the length of each suture adding to the strength of the suture. Preventing them from snapping under stress, through normal body movements.
  • Prevent wounds from re-opening, ideal for knife cuts and similar deep wounds
  • The medical grade adhesive is formulated to ensure the strip stays on longer. Which in turn leads to a better healing wound or incision
  • Hypoallergenic for less skin reactions
  • Individually wrapped and sterile
  • A more aggressive adhesive for longer lasting adhesion
  • Low allergy for less skin reactions
  • Prevents wounds from re-opening
  • Helps reduce bleeding
  • Ideal for knife cuts and similar deep wounds
  • Reduces healing time and the chances of scarring

Available in two sizes:

3mm x 75mm - Box containing 10 pouches with 5 sutures in each

6mm x 75mm - Box containing 10 pouches with 3 sutures in each

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