Sterotrac Skin Traction Kit

Gain and maintain bone alignment after dislocation, to correct mild deformity and relieve back pain

What is Sterotrac used for?

  • Skin traction can be used to gain or maintain bone alignment, as in a dislocation or fracture
  • To secure immobilisation of an inflamed or injured joint
  • To correct mild deformity
  • To relieve pain
  • It is a valuable means of applying traction to a limb and is free from certain risks associated with skeletal traction  
  • Skin traction may be used for long-term treatment or until such time that surgical procedures have been determined

Adhesive Skin Traction Kit

The extension strapping in the Sterotrac kit is coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive, making it ideal for use on patients who react to zinc oxide or rubber-based adhesives.

The lightweight retaining bandage is specially designed for the kit. It comes with a soft foam strip which protects the foot, and a spreader plate with weight carrying cord for use either with fixed or balanced traction.

Non-adhesive Traction Kit

A specially developed ventilated traction bandage is used in the Sterotrac kit, which, in conjunction with the high-quality retaining bandage, eliminates the need for adhesive extension strapping. 

It comes with a soft foam strip to protect the foot, plus a spreader plate with weight carrying cord for use either with fixed or balanced traction.

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