Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage

The ideal tubular bandage for holding dressings in place on the body

Sterogauz comes in a wide range of sizes suitable for the whole body 

  • Prevents transfer of creams and ointments onto clothing and bedding
  • Holds dressings securely in place
  • Provides skin protection under elastic adhesive bandage
  • Low cost alternative to flat bandages
  • 20m Rolls
  • Delivery tracked online
  • Next Day Delivery

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Description Pack Reference Quantity
Sterogauz 00 6 9545
Sterogauz 01 6 9540
Sterogauz 12 6 9541
Sterogauz 34 1 9542
Sterogauz 56 1 9543
Sterogauz 78 1 9544
Plastic applicator 25 9551/25
Plastic applicator 100 9551/100

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