Endotracheal Tubes

Soft, flexible thermosensitive medical grade PVC Endotracheal Tubes designed to provide less risk of patient trauma

  • Soft, flexible thermosensitive medical grade PVC
  • ISO standard 15mm connector
  • Atraumatic rounded tip with murphy eye
  • Pilot balloon clearly marked with size
  • Radio opaque sideline
  • Clearly marked insertion guidelines with 2cm vocal cord markings
  • Sterile, individual sachets

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  • Next Day Delivery

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Description Reference Quantity
ET Tube uncuffed 2.5mm WSTE0164
ET Tube uncuffed 3mm WSTE0165
ET Tube uncuffed 3.5mm WSTE0166
ET Tube uncuffed 4mm WSTE0167
ET Tube uncuffed 4.5mm WSTE0168
ET Tube uncuffed 5mm WSTE0169
ET Tube uncuffed 5.5mm WSTE0170
ET Tube cuffed 5.5mm WSTE0364
ET Tube cuffed 6mm WSTE0365
ET Tube cuffed 6.5mm WSTE0370
ET Tube cuffed 7mm WSTE0156
ET Tube cuffed 7.5mm WSTE0366
ET Tube cuffed 8mm WSTE0157
ET Tube cuffed 8.5mm WSTE0367
ET Tube cuffed 9mm WSTE0158
ET Tube cuffed 9.5mm WSTE0368
ET Tube cuffed 10mm WSTE0369

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