Disposable Combi Laryngoscope Set

Sterile single-use laryngoscope set for examining the larynx or inserting a tube through it

  • Non-removable MetalMax blade from aluminium handle, removes hassle and compatibility issues 
  • Lightweight aluminium handle
  • Long battery life over 5 hours
  • 3 year battery shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Metal through the hook for maximum strength
  • Supplied clean with no sterile shelf life issue
  • Delivery tracked online
  • Next Day Delivery

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Description Reference Quantity
Paediatric Mac1 WSTE0407
Paediatric Mac2 WSTE0408
Adult Mac 3 WSTE0409
Adult Mac 4 WSTE0410
Paediatric Mil 00 WSTE0411
Paediatric Mil 0 WSTE0412
Paediatric Mil 01 WSTE0413

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