Steroplast Adhesive Dressing Strips

Premium fabric and washproof dressing strips, allows you to cut the plaster to the exact size required

Trusted by healthcare professionals - Tried and tested for you

  • Superior medical grade adhesive, stays on longer
  • Non-stick wound pad ensures a painless removal
  • Soft, supple - flexes with the bodies movement
  • Can be cut to the size you require - ideal for small or large wounds
  • CE marked

We supply the same plasters into the NHS hospitals and doctors surgeries, we just re-package them for retail

  • Delivery tracked online
  • Next Day Delivery

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Description Pack Reference Quantity
Fabric 4cm x 1m 12 6400
Fabric 6cm x 1m 12 6401
Fabric 7.5cm x 1m 12 6402
Fabric 7.5cm x 5m 1 6403
Washproof 6cm x 1m 12 7454
Washproof 7.5cm x 1m 12 7457

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