Disposable PPE Clothing

Disposable personal protective equipment for all elements of the body

  • PPE is specialised clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials
  • PPE prevents contact with an infectious agent or body fluid that may contain an infectious agent
  • Create a barrier between the potential infectious material and the individual
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  • Next Day Delivery

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Description Pack Reference Quantity
White disposable coverall - S 1 1949S
White disposable coverall - M 1 1949M
White disposable coverall - L 1 1949L
White disposable coverall - XL 1 1949XL
Blue gown with sleeves 1 1968-SGL
White oversleeves 100 WSTE0228
White coverall - Large 1 1322
Blue overshoes - 16" 200 1947

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