BS8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kit

In an emergency our NEW British Standard Workplace First AId Kits make finding products quick and easy

In an emergency our new British Standard - Workplace First Aid Kits make finding products quick and easy

The workplace first aid kit compliant with British Standards - available in 3 sizes dependant on size of workforce and degree of hazard

  • Contents are neatly contained in compartments
  • Items quick and easy to locate
  • Content diagram on inside lid shows quantity and location of products
  • Supplied with industrial strength wall bracket
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Small and Medium Box: 28cm x 10cm x 29cm
  • Large Box: 34cm x 10cm x 23cm

There is no minimum order quantity on the British Standard kits, so you can buy as many or as few as you need!

The Premier kit is made from translucent durable plastic. Each product is packed in specific compartments so that the product you need is instantly visible. To maintain this design advantage, once the contents are used, the product placement diagram in the lid shows where to put your replacement items, making the kit ready for the next emergency. We've included a burn dressing which ensures you can treat a skin burn, reduce the pain without the need to keep the burn under running water.

As injuries at work can be life threatening you should be able to reach a kit within 60 seconds. If your staff are split over more than one floor, you must have at least one kit per floor. First aid kits should be positioned where people see them every day, so that in the event of an emergency, people will remember where to find them.

First aid kits save lives and are required by law! In the event of sudden injury, failure to provide sufficient first aid could have extremely serious consequences. Employers and managers should therefore ensure an employee who is injured or taken ill at work receives immediate attention.

Choosing the right kit is now as easy as 1, 2, 3...... Download the features and benefits PDF below to see the selection chart for kit guidance.

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Small workplace kit 8599PR-S
Small workplace refill 8599RP-S
Medium workplace kit 8599PR-M
Medium workplace refill 8599RP-M
Large workplace kit 8599PR-L
Large workplace refill 8599RP-L

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