Childcare First Aid Kit

First aid kit based on advice from the HSE and Pre-School Learning Alliance - Ideal for childminders, playgroups & nurseries

You should be able to get help to an injured child within 60 seconds. If your school has more than one floor, you must have multiple kits on each floor.

Are you prepared to deal with an emergency involving a child?

Parents, teachers and childminders should not underestimate the importance of having a first aid kit specifically designed for children. You could save a life. The 'Childcare first aid kit' has been put together to make sure you're prepared for every eventuality when working with children. You know that accidents WILL happen. So ordering the kit is all about peace of mind.

Specialist childcare kits; if it has the Steroplast name on, it is safe for use on children. We guarantee it!

Let us dispel a myth, once and for all. You absolutely can put a plaster on a child. A responsible adult can use a hypoallergenic plaster on an injured child. Sterostrip washproof plasters are the plaster of choice for this.

Based on a combination of advice from

  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • The Pre-School Learning Alliance

The contents of our kit have been put together under the watchful eye of a course tutor specialising in childcare first aid courses.

Download the features and benefits PDF below for more information about our kit and contents.

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