Burnshield Hydrogel

An immediate and effective treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn - All burn injuries are time critical, every second counts!

Burnshield provides fast, effective treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn

  • Immediate effective treatment – soothing, cooling relief for burns, scalds and sunburn
  • Provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage

Burnshield in a bottle, 125ml or 50ml. These bottles make applying the cooling, soothing gel, nice and easy.

Safe for use on all types of burns

The Emergency Services have used Burnshield for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind that Burnshield really is the perfect product to treat skin burns effectively.

Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Download the features and benefits PDF below for more information about the Burnshield range.

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125ml Hydrogel 48 BD90829/48
125ml Hydrogel 6 BD90829/6
50ml Hydrogel 72 BD90828/72
50ml Hydrogel 24 BD90828/24
50ml Hydrogel 6 BD90828/6

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