iPAD-SP1 Defibrillator

With simple operations and easy maintenance, the iPAD SP1 is a solid and reliable defib that has, and continues to save lives

The iPAD-SP1 will redefine your expectations of a defibrillator

Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models

  • User friendly guidance and voice prompts
  • Simple switch between adult to child mode without changing pads
  • Pad indicator illustrates if pad needs replacing
  • Safety cover prevents accidental switching
  • Voice prompts automatically adjust to be heard over noisy environments
  • Provides 'handover' information to an ambulance crew (usage time and shocks delivered)
  • Pads are compatible with front line NHS Ambulance Services equipment
  • Lithium battery is disposable with an expected 5 year (in standby) lifetime
  • 7 year warranty
  • Free upgrade to unrivalled 10 year warranty upon registration

The iPAD has many new innovative features including pre-connected smart electrodes, "i" button technology,  but most of all, its designed to be used by minimally trained individuals. 

What is the difference between the semi-automatic and fully automatic models?

There is only one difference between the two AEDs. If in an emergency situation a shock was necessary, the semi-automatic model would prompt the user to press the button to deliver the shock. Whereas, the fully automatic AED is designed to skip this step and automatically deliver the shock required.

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