Macintosh and Miller Blades

LED light source gives a cool, super bright light with full blade spatula and ET tube guide surface

Offering easier access and a better view whilst minimising the risk of dental injury

  • Premium metal encased LED light source gives a super bright cool light
  • Full length blade spatula and ET tube guide surface
  • Superb light output with no heat created
  • Triple sprung ball bearings give a secure fit
  • Re-usable on the same patient
  • Delivery tracked online
  • Next Day Delivery

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Description Reference Quantity
Mac blade - disposable size 2 WSTE0152
Mac blade - disposable size 3 WSTE0153
Mac blade - disposable size 4 WSTE0154
Mil size 0 - paediatric WSTE0162
Mil size 1 - paediatric WSTE0163
Mil size 2 WSTE0372
Mil size 3 WSTE0373

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