Emergency Trauma Bleed Control Kit

The kit allows trained individuals at the scene to stop the bleeding straight away and save lives

Help save lives

In an emergency situation, even if an ambulance has been called straight away, the time it takes for it to arrive is critical as an individual can die from blood loss in under 5 minutes! Having these kits available will allow trained individuals at the scene, stop the bleeding straight away.

  • Everything you need to control arterial bleeding
  • When haemorrhage control is necessary this kit is vital and can save lives
  • Compact and cost effective
  • Kit is streamlined to be simple and so easy to use in an emergency
  • Resealable laminated plastic foil pouch 210mm x 295mm
  • 9 piece kit fits perfectly into pouch and is packed in order of usage to speed up the process
  • This is not a standard first aid kit - this is a potentially lifesaving product
  • Single use

The kit fits neatly into a vehicle glove compartment, under a seat, overhead storage, desk drawer or discreetly inside a defibrillator cabinet

  • Delivery tracked online
  • Next Day Delivery

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