A range of haemostats to control moderate to severe traumatic bleeding - proven technology, applied in military medicine and by emergency services

Haemostatic Applicator

  • The most effective way to treat penetrating trauma
  • Stops bleeding fast
  • Excellent performance even with strong blood flows
  • High speed haemostatic application system

Z-Fold Gauze

  • High density gauze impregnated with Celox granules
  • Slim packaging allows for several packs to be carried
  • 5ft in length - effective as other 12ft length products in filling a bleeding space
  • Easy to handle - fast application time

Celox Rapid

  • Works with just  60 seconds compression
  • Stops life threatening bleeding fast
  • Reduces blood loss by 60%
  • Stops hypothermic bleeding in severe traumatic injuries

Haemostatic Granules

  • Quick and easy to apply - simply pour on the injury
  • Generates no heat
  • Works will all moderate to severe bleeding wounds
  • Delivery tracked online
  • Next Day Delivery

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Prefilled applicator 6833
Z-Fold gauze 6836
Rapid Z-Fold gauze 6832
Haemostat granules 15g 6837

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