Large Physicool Cooling Bandage (Bandage B) — 12cm x 3m | Shoulder, Knee, Leg, Back | Reusable, Elasticated

Large Physicool Cooling Bandage (Bandage B) — 12cm x 3m | Shoulder, Knee, Leg, Back | Reusable, Elasticated

Steroplast Reusable Clear Hot and Cold Pack | Instant Pain Relief | Freeze or Microwave

Steroplast Reusable Clear Hot and Cold Pack | Instant Pain Relief | Freeze or Microwave

Physicool Coolant Recharge 500ml (Incl. Flip-Top & Trigger Spray Attachments) | Reduce Muscle Soreness & Swelling

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Recharge your Physicool bandages with our Coolant Recharge for prolonged cooling, effective pain and swelling reduction. Suitable for both small and large bandages.

We offer various bandage sizes and a rechargeable bottle for prolonged use:

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Recharge your recovery with long-lasting cooling

The Physicool Coolant Recharge is a bonus component of the Physicool cooling bandage system, designed to maximise the usability of your Physicool bandages. This coolant recharges the cooling bandages easily, ensuring that they can be used repeatedly, providing continuous relief without the need for refrigeration or ice. The coolant is available with a practical flip-top lid or a trigger spray attachment to enhance application convenience.

The Physicool system uses rapid evaporation technology, where the coolant draws heat, pain, and swelling out of the affected area while delivering deep tissue cooling and simultaneous compression. This approach modifies the inflammatory response, aiding in the healing process and speeding up recovery. Whether applied directly to the bandage on the body or pre-soaked in its resealable foil pack, the Physicool Coolant Recharge ensures that your recovery is efficient.

Our coolant is helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation swiftly, minimising pain, and accelerating your return to daily activities or sports. By adopting patented evaporating cooling technology, Physicool has been clinically proven to outperform traditional ice-based treatments, providing targeted cryotherapy that moulds anatomically for optimal relief.

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11 Reasons to Choose Physicool Coolant

  • Superior Swelling and Inflammation Reduction: Clinically proven to diminish swelling more effectively than ice-based treatments.
  • Immediate Pain Relief: Quickly numbs the affected area, reducing discomfort and speeding recovery.
  • Convenient Application: Features both a flip-top lid and a trigger spray for easy, one-handed application.
  • Enhanced Patient Mobility: Proven to speed up the mobility of patients, facilitating faster returns to normal activity.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from 100% woven cotton with no elastic content, ensuring comfort and durability.
  • Reusable Solution: Allows for multiple uses, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Broad Compatibility: Suitable for use with both small (Bandage A) and large (Bandage B) cooling bandages.
  • Extended Cooling Duration: Provides up to thirteen hours of cooling with the Small Cooling Bandage and up to eight hours with the Large Cooling Bandage.
  • Efficient Pain Management: Numbs nerve endings to deliver substantial pain relief without the need for ice or refrigeration.
  • Volume Per Bottle: 500ml of coolant for prolonged usage and effective recharging of cooling bandages.
  • Versatile Recovery Tool: Aids in treating swelling and pain for a quicker and more comfortable recovery process.

What is Physicool Coolant Used For?

The Physicool Coolant Recharge is specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of Physicool cooling bandages, facilitating a faster and more efficient recovery process. This innovative coolant recharge helps to speed up the recovery time, enabling individuals to resume their daily activities quicker. It is particularly effective at reducing swelling and inflammation, two common symptoms associated with injuries.

Key uses of the Physicool Coolant Recharge include:

  • Reactivating Cooling Bandages: Allows for the reuse of both the Small and Large Physicool Cooling Bandages by replenishing their cooling properties.
  • Pain Relief: When applied, it provides rapid relief from pain by cooling the affected area and reducing inflammation.
  • Improved Recovery: By minimising swelling and discomfort, it aids in a quicker recovery, allowing for an expedited return to mobility and everyday activities.

Ideal for use in sports injuries, post-operative recovery, or general muscle and joint pain, the Physicool Coolant Recharge is an essential tool for anyone looking to reduce downtime and enhance the healing process.

How to Use Physicool Coolant

Using the Physicool Coolant Recharge is straightforward, ensuring you can efficiently manage recovery from injuries with minimal fuss. Here’s how to apply the coolant to achieve optimal results:

1. Direct Application:

While the cooling bandage is on the body, simply spray the Physicool Coolant directly onto the bandage. This method is ideal for quick and immediate relief, allowing the coolant to penetrate deeply and reduce the temperature of the affected area effectively.

2. Recharging the Bandage

  • To recharge the cooling bandage for future use, remove the bandage and place it back into its resealable foil pack.
  • Open the coolant bottle, using either the flip-top lid or the trigger spray attachment for your convenience.
  • Evenly distribute the Physicool Coolant over the bandage, ensuring it is sufficiently soaked for the next use.
  • Seal the pack to prevent evaporation and maintain readiness for the next application.


The Physicool Coolant Recharge is designed to work seamlessly with both the Small Cooling Bandage (Bandage A) and the Large Cooling Bandage (Bandage B), catering to different sizes and types of injuries.

How to Seek Medical Assistance

Persistent Pain or Swelling:

If pain or swelling does not improve after repeated use of the Physicool bandage and coolant recharge or if symptoms worsen over time.

Signs of Infection:

Look for symptoms such as increased redness, warmth in the affected area, fever, or discharge. These may indicate an infection that requires medical intervention.

Severe Injuries:

In cases of severe injuries such as deep cuts, suspected fractures, or major joint injuries, professional assessment and treatment are crucial.

Underlying Conditions:

Individuals with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, circulatory problems, or skin sensitivities should consult with a healthcare provider before using cooling products.

No Improvement:

If there is no noticeable improvement in mobility or pain relief within a few days of consistent use of the coolant recharge and cooling bandage.

Product Specifications

CompatibilitySuitable for Small Cooling Bandage (Bandage A) and Large Cooling Bandage (Bandage B)
Cooling DurationUp to 13 hours for Small Bandage, up to 8 hours for Large Bandage
Intended UseReduces swelling and inflammation, provides pain relief
Storage RecommendationsStore in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


Where to Use Physicool Coolant

  • Sports and Athletics: Essential for athletes, coaches, and physiotherapists to manage acute sports injuries and aid in the recovery process of muscle strains, sprains, and bruises during training or competitions.
  • Medical Settings: Highly beneficial in hospitals and clinics to reduce swelling and provide pain relief post-surgery or during physical rehabilitation sessions.
  • Home Care: Ideal for use at home for the everyday management of injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis or back pain, helping individuals maintain comfort and mobility.
  • Workplaces: Suitable for office or industrial settings where physical injuries can occur; keeps employees comfortable and potentially shortens the duration of work-related injuries.
  • Outdoor Activities: An excellent addition to any first aid kit for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers who may need immediate relief from injuries incurred while hiking, camping, or engaging in other recreational activities.
  • Fitness and Wellness Centres: Can be used in gyms, spas, and wellness centres to help clients cool down after intense workouts or therapeutic sessions, improving muscle recovery and client satisfaction.

Physicool: Trusted by Healthcare Professionals and Athletes

Physicool is a renowned leader in providing advanced cooling therapy products that are extensively utilised across various settings, including hospitals, therapy practices, sports fields, and homes globally. Its products are expertly designed to offer innovative cooling solutions that significantly reduce swelling and inflammation, alleviating pain and accelerating recovery processes.

Using special rapid evaporation technology, each Physicool product undergoes stringent medical testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of efficacy and safety. This technology enables instant cooling by rapidly reducing heat, which in turn minimises pain and swelling swiftly and effectively.

Trusted by healthcare professionals and athletes alike, Physicool's commitment to quality and innovation makes it a preferred choice for those seeking effective and immediate relief in their recovery journey. Our products are not only innovative but are also backed by research and proven results, ensuring that they deliver first-rate performance every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Physicool Coolant Recharge is used to reapply cooling properties to Physicool cooling bandages, enhancing their ability to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain effectively.

No, it is specifically designed to be used with Physicool's Bandage A (small) and Bandage B (large) to ensure optimal performance and fit.

You can spray the coolant directly onto the bandage while it is on the body or add it to the bandage after placing it back in its resealable foil pack.

The cooling effect can last between two to three hours after each recharge, depending on the ambient temperature and the specific usage conditions.

Yes, it is designed for safe use on all skin types, including sensitive skin, but it's always a good idea to test a small area first or consult with a healthcare provider if you have known skin sensitivities.

With proper care and recharging, the cooling bandage can be used multiple times, offering a cost-effective solution for ongoing pain management and recovery support.

Discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reactions, such as redness, itching, or persistent irritation.

Yes, it is suitable for use on children, but should be applied by an adult and monitored closely to ensure it is used safely and effectively.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children to maintain its efficacy and shelf life.

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