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PDI Super Sani-Cloth® Wipes | 100 Canister - Pack of 6

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The #1 disinfecting wipe in healthcare. PDI Super Sani-Cloth® germicidal wipes are for effective disinfection of non-porous hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. Effective against viruses, bacteria, pathogens, fungi, and TB.


The first choice for fast disinfection in healthcare environments 

Super Sani-Cloth® germicidal disposable wipes by PDI are designed to keep fast-paced healthcare environments running smoothly. Don’t be held back by tedious cleaning procedures or inadequate products for the job. Industry pioneers make PDI germicidal wipes to be everything professionals need to maintain infection control.

PDI germicidal wipes are pre-moistened with a bactericidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, and fungicidal solution for one-step cleaning and disinfecting. In busy healthcare, medical, and nursing environments where hygiene can’t be overlooked despite tight schedules, PDIs infection control disposables help everyone do their best to keep cross-contamination to an absolute minimum. 

Pre-dosed wipes are designed to remove all unnecessary steps like pre-mixing solutions, waiting for activation, soaking cloths, and drying surfaces. The formula on each wipe is measured to ensure no overuse or underuse, and there’s no chance of errors in mixing. Keep business operations running smoothly with PDI Super Sani-Cloth® Wipes.

Why choose PDI Super Sani-Cloth® Wipes?

  • Contact time of just 60 seconds is required for complete disinfection.
  • PDI Sani-Cloth germicidal wipes are a class IIa medical device.
  • Wipes are free of allergenic and potentially carcinogenic PHMB.
  • Excellent, even surface coverage, with a consistent liquid release when wiping.
  • Single-use wipes reduce the risk of infection caused by reusable cloths & liquids.
  • Wipes are pre-dosed and ready to use. Controlled dosage ensures disinfection in every wipe.
  • Lint-free to ensure no fibres adhere to surfaces or equipment when used. Wipes are also highly pliable.
  • CE marked, meeting stringent British quality and safety standards for public consumption.
  • The wipes are effective against Coronavirus and Norovirus, as verified by the EPA’s List N of products for use against SARS-CoV-2 and viruses that cause Covid-19.
  • The product is made with smear-free formulation. Repeated use does not result in residual buildup, and the alcohol-quat solution is generally non-corrosive to metals.
  • The combination of quaternary ammonium and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) makes the wipes fungicidal and bactericidal. They are also virucidal against some enveloped and non-enveloped viruses and effective against TB. Thanks to this combination, the wipes have faster kill times than quat-based wipes and broader effectiveness than alcohol-based solutions.
  • PDI wipes’ purple top tub design features a deep well lid to store each dispensed wipe. The wide opening makes initial threading or reloading easy. Snap & Close lid design eliminates possible drying out. Icon designs on the label make cautions and instructions easy to understand.

Premium Infection Control with PDI

Take a look at other disinfection consumables from PDI, a world leader in preventative infection control with over 40 years of experience innovating in disinfection and sanitising wipes. 

PDI Sani-Cloth Active Wipes activated with quaternary ammonium and alcohol-free for patients with respiration difficulties. Other alcohol-free disinfecting and detergent wipes are available, such as PDI Sani-Cloth® AF Universal Wipes and PDI Sani-Cloth® Detergent Wipes, which make cleaning extra easy and fast.

PDI Sani-Cloth Food Probe Sanitising Wipes and PDI Easy Screen Cleaning Wipes are ideal for a wide range of public-facing businesses that need to protect customers with robust hygiene procedures. PDI Sani-Cloth® Chlor is made with a bleach solution that kills spored and helps keep mould at bay; ideal for bathrooms and toilet facilities. 

We also stock a range of PDIs Hygea brand wipes, perfect for personal care and easy spot-cleaning in a range of situations. 

How to use Super Sani-Cloth® Wipes:


Use an S-shaped motion to clean the contaminated surface. More wipes may be needed for heavily soiled surfaces.


Disinfect the surface from top to bottom to avoid cross-contamination. Ensure to dispose of the wipe after use and use a new wipe for each new surface.


Allow the surface to air dry after it has remained wet for the required contact time (these can be found on the product packaging or in the table below)


Dispose of all used wipes after a single use following waste disposal guidelines.


Watch this video to find out more about using Super Sani-Cloth® wipes.

Super Sani-Cloth® efficacy





Clean Conditions

Dirty Conditions


EN 16615Pseudomonas aeruginosa60sec60sec
EN 16615Staphylococcus aureus60sec60sec
EN 16615Enterococcus hirae60sec60sec
EN 13727Pseudomonas aeruginosa30sec
EN 13727Staphylococcus aureus30sec 
EN 13727Enterococcus hirae30sec 
EN 16615Candida albicans60sec60sec
EN 13624Candida albicans30sec
EN 13624Candida auris30sec
Enveloped Virus

EN 14476Vaccinia Virus30sec 60sec
EN 14476Corona,HIV, Hep B & C, SARS, Flu30sec60sec
EN 14348Mycobacterium terrae60sec

Where can PDI Super Sani-Cloth® germicidal disposable wipes be used?

We recommend using Super Sani-Cloth® germicidal disposable wipes on non-porous surfaces, touchpoints, equipment, and non-invasive medical tools and devices. Some examples are:

  • Bed frames
  • Glucometers
  • Instrument trays
  • Toilet seats and flushes
  • Trolleys, counters, and carts
  • Door handles and window latches
  • Chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes
  • Gurneys, stretchers, and exam tables
  • Diagnostic, monitoring, and support equipment

Super Sani-Cloth® FAQs

What surfaces can Super Sani-Cloth® wipes be used on?

The Super Sani-Cloth® wipes can be used on non-porous surfaces (Including washable toys) and non-invasive medical devices*.

*View the complete compatibility guide to find out more details.

What is the contact time for Super Sani-Cloth® wipes?

The contact times for this product can be found in the efficacy table above. They are also listed on the product packaging. The disinfected area should stay wet for the stated contact time to be effective. If the area dries before this time, additional wipes may be required. Be sure to leave the surface undisturbed for the total contact time for full effectiveness.

Do Super Sani-Cloth® wipes contain carcinogenic ingredients?

Super Sani-Cloth® wipes do not include any ingredients listed as carcinogenic by the European Chemical Agency or REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

What is the expiration date of Super Sani-Cloth® wipes?

You can find the product expiration date stamped on the product packaging. It is 24 months from the manufacture date. Ensure the canister is closed when not in use to avoid drying out. Use within 3 months after opening.

What are the active ingredients in Super Sani-Cloth® Wipes?

The Super Sani-Cloth® contains 62%v/v of Isopropyl Alcohol and 0.5%w/w Dual Quaternary Ammonium Compound and water. Check the PDI Super Sani-Cloth germicidal disposable wipes SDS for more information.

How should I dispose of Super Sani-Cloth® wipes?

Follow the waste disposal protocols of your local healthcare setting. Be sure to dispose of wipes contaminated with potentially infectious waste correctly. Do not flush or macerate the wipes.

What is the correct way to store Super Sani-Cloth® wipes?

Store Super Sani-Cloth® wipes upright at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight. Ensure the snap lock lid is fully closed to prevent drying out. If the packaging is damaged or partially open, do not use the product.

Can Super Sani-Cloth® wipes be shipped via air transportation?

No, Super Sani-Cloth® wipes should be shipped by land only due to air shipping regulations.

More Information
Pack Size Pack of 6
Quantity 100 Canister
Target Area General Surfaces
Subcategory Surface Cleaning Wipes
Type of Product General Surface Wipes
Packaging Type Canister
Alcohol / Alcohol-Free Alcohol
Antibacterial Properties Antibacterial
Product Attachments

Super Sani-Cloth Plus Safety Data Sheet

Super Sani-Cloth Compatibility Guide

Super Sani-Cloth Plus Information for Use

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