24% Blue Oxygen Venturi Valves | Pack of 10

24% Blue Oxygen Venturi Valves | Pack of 10

50% Pink Oxygen Venturi Valves | Pack of 10

50% Pink Oxygen Venturi Valves | Pack of 10

35% Yellow Oxygen Venturi Valves | Pack of 10

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Steroplast's Yellow Oxygen Venturi Valves are designed to deliver 35% oxygen and come in packs of 10. Adhering to BS EN 13544-3:2001+A1:2009 standards, these colour-coded valves ensure rapid identification and accurate oxygen delivery, addressing a range of medical necessities.

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Efficient and ergonomic, oxygen venturi valves in three distinct colours and flow rates to tend to diverse needs.

Our Yellow Oxygen Venturi Valve is a precisely crafted element for modular mask systems, meticulously designed to dispense 35% oxygen effectively. Alongside this, our range includes blue and pink alternatives, administering 24% and 50% oxygen, respectively, addressing the diverse medical prerequisites.

Our extensive selection of Venturi valves is available individually and is designed to meet the specifications of BS EN 13544-3:2001+A1:2009. Each valve is colour-coded to allow for instant identification and to assure correct usage, representing the specific rate of oxygen delivery it’s intended for.

Each colour signifies a unique flow rate, and by offering a variety of flow rates, we strive to cater to different therapeutic necessities and continue our dedication to providing outstanding healthcare solutions for airway management.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Adherence to Regulations: Each valve strictly complies with the standards of BS EN 13544-3:2001, providing maximum reliability and premium quality in medical environments.
  • Accurate Flow Control: The valves are marked with flow specifications, ensuring that, in most scenarios, patients receive a total flow of around 40 L/min, effectively meeting the standard peak flow requirements.
  • Easy Identification with Colour Coding: The incorporated colour-coding feature facilitates swift identification, allowing healthcare providers to determine the oxygen delivery rate and respond promptly.
  • Adjustable Oxygen Delivery: Specifically designed to administer varying levels of oxygen, our yellow valves proficiently deliver 35%, aligning accurately with varied medical and therapeutic needs.  

Who uses Oxygen Venturi Valves?

The 35% Yellow Oxygen Venturi Valves are meticulously crafted for those who need precise control and monitoring of oxygen levels, a critical component, particularly for patients who require controlled oxygenation levels to avoid over-oxygenation, including patients with specific respiratory conditions like COPD.

These valves serve as a multifaceted solution that can seamlessly be connected to aerosol masks, presenting them as an optimal selection in scenarios where oxygen concentration alterations are essential during oxygen therapy treatment. This adaptability makes them particularly advantageous for medical professionals in pursuit of flexible and economically efficient alternatives to adapt treatment plans according to the distinct needs of each patient.

Furthermore, these valves are fully compatible with nebulisers or 22mm corrugated tubing, facilitating combined oxygen therapy and humidification to cater to diverse therapeutic needs and maximise patient comfort.  

Product Specifications

Product TypeOxygen Venturi Valve
Oxygen Delivery35%
Compliance StandardBS EN 13544-3:2001+A1:2009
QuantityPack of 10
Suitable ForModular Mask Systems
Additional Available ColoursBlue (24% Oxygen), Pink (50% Oxygen)
Connection CompatibilityAerosol Masks, 2mm Corrugated Tubing
Flow RateApproximately 40 L/min (Varies with Colour)
ApplicationMedical and Therapeutic


Where to use Oxygen Venturi Valves

The 35% Yellow Oxygen Venturi Valves exhibit unparalleled versatility and are apt for deployment in numerous medical environments. They are particularly apt for hospitals and clinics prioritising oxygen delivery precision. These valves are also invaluable in care homes and individual residences for those requiring medical oxygen therapy, especially those with specific respiratory ailments, assuring precise and regulated oxygen levels. Regardless of whether it’s a professional healthcare establishment or a domestic setting, these valves stand out as trustworthy solutions for diverse oxygen therapy requisites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The colour-coding on the valves is crucial for swiftly and accurately distinguishing the level of oxygen delivery. The yellow valves are designed to deliver 35% oxygen, while the blue and pink valves provide 24% and 50% oxygen, respectively.

The Venturi valves are adaptable for use in both clinical and home environments, enabling individuals needing oxygen therapy to utilise them securely at home.

The requisite oxygen concentration is individual and depends on one's specific medical condition and needs. Therefore, it is important to consult a medical professional or a healthcare provider to ascertain the suitable concentration level.

Users should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the reusability of the valves. It is imperative to strictly follow recommended cleaning and maintenance protocols to maintain the valves’ safety and effectiveness.

These valves are meticulously crafted to merge effortlessly with modular mask systems and are connectable to aerosol masks, catering to diverse oxygen therapy necessities.

The valves clearly exhibit the flow details, facilitating patients in receiving the accurate total flow and effectively meeting their normal peak flow demands. Any queries or concerns regarding flow rate should promptly be discussed with a medical professional.

Absolutely, these valves are compatible with nebulisers or 22mm corrugated tubing, allowing for a combination of oxygen therapy and humidification.

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