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Manikins, trainee defibrillators and first aid teaching supplies, we can provide a range of educational equipment to allow professional trainers to deliver the perfect guidance.

18 Items
  • Laerdal Junior - QCPR Training Manikins

    Starting at £237.60 £198.00

  • Brayden CPR Manikin - Carry Case
    From £51.54 £42.95
  • Laerdal Little Baby QCPR Training Manikins

    Starting at £264.00 £220.00

  • Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer
    From £156.00 £130.00
  • First Aid Training Pack
    From £19.20 £16.00
  • Laerdal Little Anne - QCPR Training Manikins

    Starting at £232.80 £194.00

  • Brayden Pro CPR Manikin

    Starting at £1,140.00 £950.00

  • Zoll AED Plus - Trainer 2
    £480.00 £400.00
  • IPAD-SP1 - Defibrillator Training Unit
    £420.00 £350.00
    Out of stock
  • Brayden CPR Manikin Consumables

    Starting at £2.02 £1.68

  • Brayden CPR Training Manikin with Red Indicator Lights
    £390.00 £325.00
  • Brayden CPR Manikin
    £199.20 £166.00
  • Ambu Airway Management Trainer
    £1,014.00 £845.00
  • Resusciade Face Shield - 36 on a Roll
    £8.64 £7.20
  • Medium Training Dressing
    £5.70 £4.75
  • Laerdal Airway Management Trainer
    £2,019.60 £1,683.00
  • Flexible Vertebral Column Pelvis
    £103.80 £86.50
    Out of stock
  • Choking Charlie Manikin
    £540.00 £450.00
18 Items

CPR training equipment

Manikins, trainee defibrillators, and first aid teaching supplies, we can provide a range of educational equipment to allow professional trainers to deliver the perfect guidance. 

Training dressing

Non-sterile extra-thick training bandage - Comes in a pack of 15.

Ideal for use in training for first-aid emergencies, these dressings are individually wrapped to ensure sterility. These can be used for perfecting those tough bandaging techniques. This dressing provides first aid training organisations with the tools needed for their students to start practising essential bandaging skills. 

12cm x 12cm 

Importance of bandaging training

One of the first basic skills that are taught during first aid courses is how to bandage injured limbs. It is an important skill for all trainees to know how to properly wrap a basic bandage around minor scrapes and cuts to correctly compress more serious injuries. The re-usability of these bandages allows trainees to repeat the bandaging technique until they thoroughly learn. 

Please note this dressing should be used for training purposes only and should not be used on open wounds.


Ideal for practising purposes and first aid courses. 


Durable quality, economic, and re-usable. 


Ideal for perfecting tough bandaging techniques. 


Conforming stretch bandage.

Resusciade - Face shield

Allowing CPR-trained individuals to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without fear of cross-contamination. 

The safest way to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Offering protection to both rescuer and casualty
Used by CPR trained rescuers
For inclusion with corporate CPR training courses and in first aid kits

First aid training packs

A high-quality first aid training pack, used by numerous training companies. This training pack contains first aid essentials and disposables which can be provided to first aid trainees for personal first aid practice. This can be easily transported and used to treat a wound or small injury safely and conveniently after receiving full training. 

CPR Face shield x 1
Gloves - pair 
Plaster x 1
Safety pin x 1
Training bandage - Medium x 1
Triangular bandage - Hemmed x 1 


Ambu airway management trainer 

The ideal intubation training tool.

Product features

Laerdal airway management trainer

For adult airway management training. 

Product features

Brayden Pro CPR Manikin 

Data-driven and performance-focused. 

Product features

Steroplast supplies a range of mankins and a variety of training equipment. To learn more about our products, check out the range below: