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Sport - Combat | Full Contact Fighting Equipment

The best first aid equipment available for combat sports, from boxing tape to a boxing corner medical kit.

8 Items
  • Boxing Corner Medical Kit
  • KO Tape - Boxing Tape
  • Petroleum Jelly - 226g
  • Cotton Tipped Applicator - Small Tip
  • Ice Bag for Sports Injuries | Reusable Cold Packs
    £4.80 £4.00
    Out of stock
  • Water Bottle With Chin Rest Top
    £3.54 £2.95
  • Enswell Boxing Eye Iron | Cutmans Equipment - Reduces Swelling to Face, Eyes and Head
  • Boxing Hand Wraps | Boxing Straps and Punching Wraps
8 Items

Combat sports first aid

High quality first aid equipment and combat sports gear, for sports such as boxing, MMA and kickboxing.


Boxing Corner Medical Kit.

This corner kit has everything a cornerman needs to keep their fighter in the fight when they get injured.

This sports first aid kit comes in our handy Steroplast branded sports bag so that it is easier to take down to the training gym or venue on fight night. 

It has been created with many professional cornermen and fighters from different combat sports to make it the perfect kit.

A refill kit is also available to keep your first aid items up to date and refreshed.

Tapes & wraps

It is important that a fighter knows their hands are protected so that they don't have to worry about the risk of injury. Our KO Tape Boxing Tape provides directional support and immobilises the joints and bones, whilst boxing wraps suppress your hand to prevent common boxing injuries.

KO Tape

This rigid zinc oxide boxing tape provides the ultimate protection for boxers and other fighters in full-contact sport, making sure that your hands stay injury-free. It tears easily by hand and conforms well to the contours of the hand.

Boxing Wraps

These boxing hand wraps are designed to protect hands during impact by maintaining joint alignment. It is made from breathable cotton which offers maximum comfort and support, with a thumb strap and a hook closure for a secure fit.

Combat sports injury equipment

Combat sports like boxing, MMA and kickboxing carry a higher risk of injury than other sports, meaning that having first aid for sports injuries on hand is vital. 

Enswell Eye Iron

A cutman's perfect tool to reduce swelling on bruises or cuts during a fight.

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Cotton Tipped Applicator

Wooden applicators with large soft cotton tip for cuts and wounds.

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Reusable Ice Bag

Small enough to fit into your gym bag, this ice bag provides instant pain relief.

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Combat sports preparation equipment

Be prepared and prevent possible injuries with our sports first aid equipment.

Petroleum Jelly

This can lessen the sting of a punch, or help control the amount a boxer bleeds during a fight.

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Water Bottle with Chin Rest Top

This bottle allows users to rest their chin and simply squeeze the bottle, preventing cross-contamination.

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