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Scissors & Tweezers

A good pair of scissors is a must, whether stainless steel or tufkut. Our range of scissors and forceps are ideal for any first aid kit.

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  • Plastic Tweezers

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  • Metal Tweezers

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  • Medical Scissors | First Aid and Nursing Scissors

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3 Items

First aid scissors and tweezers

Ideal for a variety of medical and first aid applications. 

Paramedic Tufkut scissors - coloured 

Never lose your tuff cut scissors again, with 7 different colour options, you will always know which pair is yours. Widely used by healthcare staff and perfect for everyday first aid jobs.

Heavy duty scissors
High-impact handles
Multi-purpose and autoclavable
7.5 inch paramedic tuff cut scissors available in 7 colours
Tufkut will cut quickly through tough materials and clothing in an emergency
Description Size Ref
Tufkut - Yellow scissors 7.5"1512/YEL
Tufkut - Red scissors 7.5"1512/RED
Tufkut - Purple scissors 7.5"1512/PUR
Tufkut - Pink scissors 7.5"1512/PIN
Tufkut - Orange scissors 7.5"1512/ORA
Tufkut - Blue scissors 7.5"1512/BLU
Tufkut - Green scissors 7.5"1512/GRE


An important tool to have in any first aid kit.

Product information: 

  • Tweezers for general dressing and use by first aiders
  • Allows heavily soiled dressings to be removed using tweezers rather than having direct hand contact for better hygiene 
  • Plastic tweezers are available sterile and non-sterile 
  • Remove debris; glass, dirt, or splinters from a wound 
  • Remove animal stingers left behind 
  • Perform any task where hands are too large 
  • Available in nickel, stainless steel, and plastic 

For more information on how our tweezers can be useful for a pet owner or veterinarian, check out our Stero-Paws Animal First Aid Kit, as well as our blog What should be included in a pet's first aid kit? 

Description SizePack Ref
Nickel tweezers3"11514
Martin splinter forceps4.5"11530
Plastic tweezers4.4"101516
Sterile plastic tweezers (blue)5"101519/10
Sterile plastic tweezers (blue)5"501519/50


First Aid and Nursing scissors for a variety of medical and first aid applications. 

Nurse scissors Blunt /Blunt5"1 x 101500
Nurse scissors Blunt/Sharp 5"1 x 101501
Nurse scissors Sharp/Sharp5"1 x 101502
Medisnip Blunt/Blunt5"1 x 101508 
Medisnip Blunt/Sharp5"1 x 101509
Medisnip Sharp/Sharp 5"1 x 101510
Tufkut 6"1 x 101511
Tufkut 7"1 x 10 1512
Magills forceps - Child 5"1WSTE0178
Magills forceps - Adult 10"1WSTE0155
Spencer wells artery forceps 7"1WSTE0160
Umbilical cord scissors 11548