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Hot/Cold Therapy

From deep heat to ice bags – everything you need to administer instant pain relief and aid faster rehab.

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  • Soothing Heat Spray - 150ml
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  • PhysioWrap SPORT
    From £6.60 £5.50
  • Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
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  • Physicool Cooling Bandages

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  • Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs
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  • Sterofreeze Spray - 150ml
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  • Deep Heat Range - Rub - 35g
  • Deep Heat Range - Spray - 150ml
  • Ice Bag for Sports Injuries | Reusable Cold Packs
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9 Items

Hot and Cold therapy

From deep heat to ice bags - everything you need to administer instant pain relief and aid faster rehab. 

Hot and cold treatment

Proven hot and cold products for the treatment of injuries. The range includes ice products for treating pain and speeding the recovery of injuries and heat products for rehabilitation. 

Ideal for muscular aches, pains, strains, and pains.

Steroplast's reusable hot and cold pack is a gel pack that can be safely frozen in the freezer or heated in the microwave. A simple home solution for when you're experiencing aches or pains. 

The freeze pack can create a cold compression to aid in swelling. It can also be used as a heat pack which can help relax muscle stiffness and increase blood flow to an injury. 

Cools the skin and relieves muscle pain and stiffness. 

Sterofreeze spray is an ultra-fast spray that provides pain relief to sprains, muscles, and joints. It works instantly like ice, making it a fast and effective tool to have in your kit. It is great for use on hard-to-reach areas and an ideal solution for stiffness.  

Provides instant relief, treating pain, and reduces swelling.

The reusable cold compress ice bag can be filled with ice or cold water to provide target pain relief. The bag is watertight and the screw top is a perfect addition to any first aid kit. The bag moulds to the injured area, an ideal application to shoulder, elbow, hip, lower back, thigh, knee, calf, and elbow. 

The fast and convenient treatment for soft tissue injuries. 

PhysioWrap SPORT is a fast and effective tool for applying and securing ice/gel packs to injured areas. It helps treat injuries faster as well as providing a clear view of the area around the injury for bruising and other symptoms. It is portable and easy to store - no need for preparation or unwrapping. 

Effective ice packs that cool quicker and remain cooler for longer. 

Sterofreeze instant ice packs are a highly effective cold compress that provides instant treatment during the acute stage of an injury. No need for water, ice, or freezer - squeeze and shake the pack for an instant solution. Ideal for sports injuries - sprains, knocks, and bruises. 

Hot and Cold Pack 

Steroplast's reusable Hot and Cold pack is ideal to relieve muscular aches, pains, strains, and sprains. 

Orthopaedic surgeons like Steroplast's Hot and Cold pack for postoperative pain relief. Perfect to treat sports injuries. 

One size for all - suitable for the whole family
Reusable - a cost effective treatment for aches and pains
Soft tactile material - nice and comfortable to use
Washable - easy to hand wash
Instructions printed on the actual product - you can't lose them
Heats up easily - either in your microwave or in a pan of water
Freezes easily - put it in your freezer for approximately one hour
When frozen can be used to reduce swelling and bruising on children
Used in NHS hospitals

Sterofreeze - Instant Ice Packs

No need to place ice packs in the freezer: Simply squeezing the water sachet inside the ice pack activates them. 

Ideal for emergency pitch-side use
Ideal to treat: sprains and strains immediately after the injury has happened, the most critical time
Ice packs are ideal for all sports injuries particularly when there are no first aid facilities close by

Instant treatment in the workplace

An instant ice pack treats multipe injuries, and helps reduce swelling and bruising, and is perfect for an office or workplace as they don't need to be kept in a fridge

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