Red Neoprene Hand Weight Dumbbells | 4kg | One Pair

Red Neoprene Hand Weight Dumbbells | 4kg | One Pair

PhysioWrap SPORT — 10cm x 100m | Transparent Stretch Film Wrap Roll

PhysioWrap SPORT — 10cm x 100m | Transparent Stretch Film Wrap Roll

Black Neoprene Hand Weight Dumbbells | 5kg | One Pair

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Black 5kg neoprene-coated dumbbells, designed for versatile workouts and rehab exercises. Features a comfortable grip and flat bottoms for stability.

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We offer a variety of weights to suit your preference.

Versatile Dumbbells for Strength & Recovery

Experience a blend of strength, flexibility, and recovery with this range of dumbbells, thoughtfully designed for all—from fitness enthusiasts to those on a rehabilitation journey. Our dumbbells, available in weights ranging from 0.5kg to 5kg, cater to various exercise styles and strength levels.

Coated in soft neoprene, these dumbbells offer a dual advantage—a comfortable yet resilient grip that stands firm even amidst intense, sweaty workouts.

These dumbbells come with flat bottoms, ensuring stability and safety during your sessions. Whether you’re setting up a home gym corner or updating a commercial studio, these dumbbells, sold in pairs, are a valuable addition.

Moreover, for individuals on the road to recovery, these weights play a pivotal role. Their varied weights can aid in gradual muscle-building, strength restoration post-injury, and support in regaining flexibility, making them an indispensable tool in your rehab journey. Dive into a world of efficient workouts and rehabilitative exercises with our meticulously crafted dumbbells.

6 Benefits of Neoprene Dumbbells

  • Variety of Weights: Suitable for all strength levels, from rehab to resistance training.
  • Neoprene Coating: Ensures a soft, non-slip grip, even when sweaty.
  • Flat Bottoms: Keeps the dumbbells stable and prevents them from rolling away.
  • Comfortable Grip: No painful pressure on palms during workouts.
  • Dual-Purpose: Ideal for both home gyms and commercial studios.
  • Rehabilitation Friendly: Helps in strength recovery and muscle-building post-injury.

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