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Massage Oil

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Versatile sports massage oil in 300ml resealable bottle, ready to use for sports massage, physiotherapy, and relaxation. Essential oil ingredients are blended into a low-friction oil suitable for easy application before and after physical activity.

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Massage Oil 300ml - Single (SKU: 9628/1)
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Massage Oil 300ml - Pack of 6 (SKU: 9628/6)
£57.60 £48.00

Why do Physiotherapists choose Steroplast Massage Oil?

Physiotherapy often requires a combination of movement, exercise, and manual therapy to provide optimal physical benefits. Sports therapists and physiotherapists need to choose the best sports massage oil to manipulate, mobilise, and massage body areas, improve circulation to realign fibres and connective tissues, and aid muscle recovery. Massage is often an integral part of physiotherapy, so choosing a quality massage oil is essential. 

Massage oil is just one of a range of oils, lotions, and creams physiotherapists regularly carry for sports injury treatment. 

Physiotherapists choose Steroplast massage oil as the best oil for sports massage due to its many benefits:

  • This massage oil has a consistency that glides over skin easily with minimal friction, allowing for smooth application and intense manipulation of muscle tissue, so it is an ideal massage oil for sports massage.
  • The almond emollient ingredient makes it perfect for smoothing, softening, and moisturising the skin.
  • Its specially formulated blend of essential oil ingredients, including eucalyptus and lavender, offers anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, as well as a relaxing scent.
  • Energising herbal formulation improves blood flow and flushes away toxins. 
  • Provided in a handy resealable 300ml bottle for multiple uses, with a pouring insert for easy application.
  • Soothing sport massage oil is suitable for external use all over the body, including the face.

Where can Steroplast Massage Oil be Used?

Steroplast sports massage oil is versatile and suitable for a wide range of therapies including sports massage, remedial massage, physiotherapy, and osteopathy. It has been specially formulated for sports massage before and after athletic activity to loosen muscles and increase blood flow. 

It is also a popular choice for general massage and relaxation. This cost-effective quality massage product is suitable for use in spa settings and at home. 

Sterosport: The Sports Injury Rehab Experts

Steroplast offers a wide range of lotions, waxes, and oils for optimal protection, injury prevention, and pain relief. Our sister company Sterosport is a leading supplier of sports medical supplies across the UK. Sterosport knows the importance of looking after your athletes’ bodies and stocks unique and versatile products to enhance performance. 

Choose Steropsort as one of the leading sports massage oils suppliers in the UK. This multi-purpose massage oil for sports massage and physiotherapy helps to maintain peak athletic fitness. Incorporate massage treatment into sports aftercare alongside Sterosport’s wide range of sports therapy products that are expertly designed to improve physical wellness and support injury rehabilitation. 

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Associated SKUs 9628/1, 9628/6
Size 300ml
Subcategory Oil
Brand Steroplast
Type of Product Massage Oil

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