Actimove® Everyday Back Support | Small/Medium (74cm-94cm)

Actimove® Everyday Back Support | Small/Medium (74cm-94cm)

Actimove® Everyday Knee Support 4 Stays — Open Patella | Medium (36cm - 41cm)

Actimove® Everyday Knee Support 4 Stays — Open Patella | Medium (36cm - 41cm)

Actimove® Everyday Back Support | Large/Extra Large (94cm-114cm)

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Strengthen your back with this advanced support system. Designed with high-density foam and adjustable compression, it's the solution for persistent lower back pain and rehabilitation needs.

This product is also available in Small/Medium.

For those needing snug support, the Actimove® Everyday Back Support in Small/Medium is engineered for comfort and optimal fit, ideal for smaller frames seeking relief and stability. Browse here>>

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7 Benefits of Actimove Back Support

  • Massage Effect: Prominent pressure pads offer a unique massaging effect, enhancing relief and comfort.
  • Breathable Material: Neoprene-free performance material ensures utmost comfort without compromising on breathability.
  • User-Friendly Application: Convenient finger pockets and loops make adjustments easy, allowing for personalised compression levels.
  • Size Flexibility: Available in two sizes to cater to diverse needs.
  • Balanced Warmth & Compression: Fosters healing and pain relief by combining optimal warmth with medical-grade compression.
  • Robust Lumbar Support: Tapered high-density foam panel specifically designed to fortify the lumbar region.
  • Hypoallergenic: Latex-free composition makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

Back Support: Your Lumbar’s Trusted Ally

With the daily strains we put on our backs, it’s no surprise that many of us face debilitating pain and discomfort. This back support is meticulously engineered to address these concerns, providing an unparalleled amalgamation of support, comfort, and therapeutic relief.

Relief with Every Move

The unique pressure pads are not just designed for stability – they have an added advantage of delivering a continuous massaging effect. This not only soothes the back but also promotes better circulation, accelerating the healing process.

The Power of Warmth and Compression

Harnessing the dual benefits of balanced warmth and medical-grade compression, this back support aids in faster recovery and significant pain relief, making it a staple for anyone with back problems.

Prioritising Your Comfort

No one wants their back support to become a source of further discomfort. Made with neoprene-free performance material, this back support promises not just effective compression but also ensures your skin can breathe, making it comfortable for extended wear.

Engineered for Stability

The tapered high-density foam panel is meticulously designed to offer both strength and stability, particularly focusing on the lumbar region, ensuring that the core of your back remains well-supported.

Intuitive Design for Easy Use

Applying and adjusting back supports can often be cumbersome. With our easy-to-use finger pockets and loops, you can set your preferred compression level without any hassles.

Indications for Use

This back support has proven to be effective for:

  • Those experiencing acute or chronic lower back pain.
  • Individuals dealing with degenerative back issues like spondylosis.
  • Lumbar instabilities stemming from muscular insufficiencies.
  • As an aid in post-operative care and during the rehabilitation phase.

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