How to Use Medical Freeze Spray

How to Use Medical Freeze Spray
10 August 2022

How to Use Medical Freeze Spray

What does Freeze Spray do?

Medical freeze spray, like our Sterofreeze Spray 150ml bottle, is a common item found in sports first aid kits or physiotherapists’ sports medical kits. It’s an essential item to reduce the risk of sports injuries during them or treat overused muscles and joints. Medical freeze spray is one of the most popular hot and cold therapy products due to its rapid effects, portability, and versatility. 

But, what is freezing spray, and what does it do? 

Medical freeze spray, sometimes called cold spray or vapocoolant, is a type of aerosol spray containing a liquified gas that rapidly cools surfaces. It is specially formulated to be safe to spray directly onto skin to cool down the surface and soft tissue below.

The liquified gas inside the container has a boiling point far above the freezing point of water. This reduces the risk of freezing and damaging the skin when used correctly.

cooling spray on footballers leg

As the spray comes into contact with skin and muscle tissue, blood circulation is slowed down, providing pain relief and reducing inflammation and swelling in the injured area. By reducing blood flow and swelling, the injury can heal naturally with better mobility and reduced pain symptoms.

How to use Medical Freeze Spray

Make sure you understand how to use freeze spray safely and correctly before using it. 

The steps to follow are:

  1. Shake then can before use. 
  2. Make sure the nozzle head is secure and pointed away from your eyes and mouth. 
  3. Spray the contents over a small test area first to make sure it won’t cause a reaction with the skin.
  4. Make sure the area you plan to treat is clear of clothing, and there is no broken skin.
  5. Hold the can 15cm from the targeted area of skin.
  6. Spray over the area in 2–3 short bursts.
  7. Wash hands after use.
  8. Repeat up to three times per day.

What is Freeze Spray used for?

Medical freeze spray is highly versatile and safe for many kinds of pain that can occur anywhere on the body. 

Some of the most popular reasons to use this medical freeze spray include:

  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Swelling reduction
  • Bruising reduction
  • Minor sports injuries
  • During or after exercise to reduce the risk of overuse injuries

footballer tackling on football pitch

Our specially formulated Sterofreeze spray is a popular choice for physiotherapists offering hot and cold therapy because it provides instant relief for deep joint pains. While there is a wide range of hot and cold therapy products to choose from to treat common injuries, Sterofreeze spray is a cost-effective convenient and portable product that works as rapidly as cooling bandages, instant ice packs, reusable ice bags, or hot and cold packs with long-lasting benefits.

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