Can antibacterial hand gel expire?

Antibacterial hand gel
31 January 2020

Can antibacterial hand gel expire?

Does antibacterial hand gel have an expiration date?

We have all introduced more frequent hand washing into our daily routines in recent months as the importance of hand hygiene has become more obvious than ever, but do we need to be worried about if using expired product can affect its efficiency?

Does antibacterial hand gel have an expiration date?

The industry standard for when hand sanitisers expire is typically 2-3 years, this indicates the amount of time that the active ingredients in the product have been deemed to be effective for from testing the product. The high alcohol content in the product is likely to evaporate over time, making the percentage of the active ingredient drop to below the minimum of 60% the product needs to contain to work, reducing it's effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.

If you're using hand sanitiser to wash your hands whilst you're out and about, check the expiry date - which is usually on the top or the back of the bottle - as it may be time to replace some of those half-empty bottles of hand sanitiser you've had laying around in your bathroom or at the bottom of your bag.

Although it is not dangerous to use expired hand sanitiser gel - it is not recommended as it is likely to be less effective than non-expired hand gel. This may not have been a concern before, but you should take extra care and attention to prevent the spread of infection by keeping your hands clean with the most effective product.

Antibacterial hand gel is a key staple in the steps you can take towards protecting against viruses and staying hygeinic, preventing the spread of diseases.


When and how often should I be using hand sanitiser?

You should be washing your hands frequently throughout the day, especially after coming into contact with other people to ensure you eliminate the transient germs picked up from interacting with other people and objects in everyday life.

Germs exist all around us and can very easily enter our bodies, so remember to use hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water when available, this is especially important in the following situations:

  • After visiting a public place
  • After touching an item or surface in a shared environment (including handles, shopping trolleys, card machines, petrol pumps, screens etc)
  • Before and after preparing & eating food
  • Before touching your face or mouth
  • When using public transport
  • After being in contact with animals

Unlike some other hand sanitisers that can dry and irritate skin after continued use, our Waterjel hand sanitiser gel contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, so you can use as often as required without discomfort. This is the solution to fighting bacteria and eliminating the risk of contamination, allowing you to protect yourself and others whilst on the go or in shared environments. The formulation of the hand sanitiser gel you use is an important factor to consider when it comes to buying a new one, see our guide on buying the right hand sanitiser for more guidance.

It's important to note that hand sanitisers can't fight all germs and you should still aim to wash your hands with soap and hot water for at least 15-20 seconds regularly throughout the day.

So, is it time to update your hand sanitiser?

We recommend using only the best quality, tried and tested products to keep your hands clean, refreshed and free from germs throughout the day...

Water Jel Hand Sanitiser


  • Contains 62% Ethyl alcohol
  • Cleans, refreshes, and kills 99.9% germs
  • Gentle on hands even after repeated use
  • Easy to use dispenser bottles
  • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
  • Packs of 6 or 24


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  • Conforms to the EN1500 Standard
  • Ultra-stable domed 500ml dispenser to aid single-hand operation as it won't tip over
  • Ideal for multiple users in care homes, doctors surgeries, physiotherapists
  • Testing performed by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory

Make sure to follow the directions on the label when using hand sanitiser and always supervise children when using the product. 


*For all distributor pricing and enquiries, call 0161 902 3030 or email


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