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IV Giving Set

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Sterile IV Giving Set for efficient infusion therapy. Features standard components for safe and effective fluid delivery. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, and home care. Single-patient use.

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A simple, life-saving design. An industry standard from an Internationally trusted supplier.

The IV giving set stands as an essential tool in modern-day medical practices, simplifying the complex process of infusion therapy. Not only is it fundamental in hospitals, but its role extends to home care, allowing for the administration of fluids, medications, and even blood products. Crafted to cater to a spectrum of needs, our IV giving set is versatile, from basic to advanced functionalities such as gravity tubing, pump tubing, and volume-controlled options. Its straightforward design, affordability, and ubiquitous presence make it an indispensable, often life-saving, apparatus in healthcare today. Infusion therapy, once a hospital-exclusive, is now a standard practice for clinicians and patients alike, largely thanks to devices like the humble giving set.

Seven Reasons to Choose the IV Giving Set

  • Standard Structure: This product encompasses all essential components you'd expect from an IV giving kit, from tubing to the drip chamber and the piercing spike.
  • Variable Fluid Delivery: Tailored to individual needs, it allows for precise control over the volume and rate of fluid delivery.
  • Locking Control: Offering added security, the locking feature ensures accurate fluid flow and minimises risks.
  • Sterility Guaranteed: Each IV giving set is packaged sterile, ensuring patient safety and preventing potential infections.
  • Affordability: Despite its high-quality features, it remains a cost-effective solution for infusion therapy.
  • Single-Patient Use: Designed for one-time use, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Individually Packed: For further assurance of hygiene and convenience, each set comes individually sealed and ready for use.

Who uses the IV Giving Set?

This IV giving set is tailored for professionals within clinical environments, ranging from hospitals to care homes and the pre-hospital field. Specifically, paramedics and doctors, whether responding via land or air ambulances, will find this product indispensable, especially when managing traumatic injuries. Its versatility ensures it's a crucial part of daily treatment regimes across diverse medical settings.

How to use the IV Giving Set?

  1. Begin by carefully removing the outer packaging from the bag and suspend it on a drip stand.
  2. Unfold the giving set, ensuring the flow control is in the 'closed' position using the wheel clamp on the line.
  3. Twist and snap off the cover from the port on the bag. Make sure not to touch the end of the spike.
  4. Insert the spike firmly into the port.
  5. Gently squeeze the filling chamber to allow it to half fill.
  6. Release the roller ball clamp, allowing the fluid to course through the giving set. As the fluid flows, vigilantly check to ensure no bubbles are present in the line.
  7. Once satisfied, secure the fluid flow by clamping off the roller bal

Where to Use IV Giving Set

  • Hospitals and Clinics: The primary locale for IV giving sets, spanning from the emergency room where they're crucial for hydration and pain management, to inpatient wards for hydration, chemotherapy, or antibiotics.
  • Surgery: Ensuring patients receive the vital fluids or medications they need during operations.
  • Outpatient Clinics: Especially handy for specific treatments like chemotherapy or other infusions which don't necessitate an overnight stay.
  • Home Health Care: A testament to their adaptability, IV giving sets are used for a range of treatments at home, including long-term antibiotic courses, chemotherapy, hydration, and even total parenteral nutrition (TPN).
  • Ambulances & EMS: A lifeline in emergency situations, paramedics and emergency medical personnel might initiate IV therapy on-site to administer crucial medications or fluids.
  • Blood Donation Centres: A donor's lifeblood is often collected through the use of an IV giving set, ensuring safe and efficient blood collection.
  • Dialysis Centres: While not a direct replica of standard IV giving sets, the equipment employed in these centres, connecting patients to dialysis machines, mirrors their function and purpose – a direct and sterile link to a patient's bloodstream.
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