Steroplast Blister Cushions | 6 Adhesive Hydrocolloid Plasters

Steroplast Blister Cushions | 6 Adhesive Hydrocolloid Plasters

2Toms® Skin-On-Skin Soothing Hydrogel 3

2Toms® Skin-On-Skin Soothing Hydrogel 3" (7.5cm) Circle Dressings | Tub of 48

Hydrocolloid Plasters - 16 Plasters x 6 Boxes

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Premium hydrocolloid plasters to support the healing of blisters, burns, pressure sores, and spots. 

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Hydrocolloid plasters support the body’s natural healing process. Deal with burns, blisters, and spots fast.

Burns and blisters compromise the skin's protective barrier, creating painful inflammation, sensitivity, and even open wounds that can lead to infection. A hydrocolloid gel plaster can get you to take control of an unpleasant burn or blister and get your body back to normal in no time.

Hydrocolloid Plasters

Skin-Friendly Hypoallergenic

Also called burn plasters, hydrocolloid gel plasters are designed to speed up the natural healing process while protecting the skin from drying out or being contaminated with bacteria. A burn blister plaster can be used on minor burns, scalds, cuts, and grazes to reduce pain and aid healing. By maintaining a moist environment, the hydrocolloid plaster for burns works with the body to produce a protective cover over the wound. This prevents the formation of hard scabs and reduces pain and scarring.

Discreet and Flexible

The plasters feature a thin and discreet film which fits smoothly to the skin. The breathable waterproof backing flexes with movement to protect wounds from water and germs, with a low allergy adhesive to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction. Find large burn plasters on this page that can be used on adults and children. Our plasters for burns are carefully made with hypoallergenic materials, which means they’re gentle on the skin.

Hydrocolloid Plaster on Foot
Woman with Acne

Multiple Uses

Hypoallergenic materials are essential because our customers don’t just use hydrocolloid plasters on burns. They’re also effective at minimising the symptoms of spots and speeding up the skin’s natural recovery process. The gentle plaster hydrocolloid pad draws exudate out of spots, helping them heal and disappear faster, meaning they’re not just the best plasters for burns but can also help get rid of irritating blemishes.

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Why use Premium Hydrocolloid Plasters from Steroplast?

Each plaster is water-resistant, helping protect the delicate environment while the skin heals.
The plasters are individually wrapped for hygiene and added protection.
Each plaster has a soft hydrocolloid pad ready to support the body heal from burns, blisters, and spots.
Each plaster is made from a thin yet durable material that moulds to the body’s contours for a comfortable fit you can easily ignore.
The plasters are made with hypoallergenic materials to be kind to sensitive skin.
The transparent material of each plaster blends in against the skin, making them highly discreet.
The boxes are packaged and ready for retail, perfect if you need to stock your shelves with first aid products.

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What can Hydrocolloid Plasters be used for?

Burn on Arm


People commonly use hydrocolloid plasters for burns or may put a hydrocolloid plaster on burn blisters or friction blisters. These types of injuries cause the body to produce fluid between the layers of skin. Rather than bursting a blister, which is not recommended as it could cause infection, the best way to handle one is with a hydrocolloid blister plaster that can support drainage of the blister in a safe, hygienic environment.

Sometimes Blister Plasters are used instead of Hydrocolloid Plasters. Learn more about blister plasters in our blog.

Skin Cells

Pressure Sores or Pressure Ulcers

Our Steroplast Hydrocolloid Plaster is the best plaster for burns, scalds, and blisters. Hydrocolloid plasters might also be called gel plasters for burns. They are also used as padded plasters for pressure sores or pressure ulcers as they will encourage the regrowth of healthy skin cells while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

Man with Spot on Face

Spots/ Acne

Hydrocolloid plasters can help spots as they gently draw fluids out of the skin and contribute to natural healing. Using hydrocolloid plaster for acne means your delicate skin is protected underneath in a hydrated environment while it heals.

This even deters the temptation to pick at a spot which can damage the skin further and elongate the healing process. However, dermatologists advise putting hydrocolloid plasters on spots occasionally and only when treating individual pimples, rather than using them as an all-over hydrocolloid plasters acne treatment which can affect the normal function of the skins outer layer.

Using Steroplast Hydrocolloid Plasters is a much more cost-effective option than specially made hydrocolloid plaster for spots. In our article Blister Plasters: The Cheap Alternative to Acne Patches, we look into the recent viral hack of repurposing hydrocolloid blister plasters to treat acne.

How to Use Hydrocolloid Plasters

Apply Hydrocolloid Plasters correctly to keep wounds safe while they heal and prevent infection. The following guide offers a step-by-step approach to ensure optimal protection and support effective healing.

Before Application

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Applying the Plaster

Step 1 - Peel back the protective film

1. Hold the Hydrocolloid plaster in one hand. Using your thumb and index finger, carefully peel back the upper protective film. It's essential to avoid touching the underside of the plaster to maintain a clean field.

Step 2 Apply the Dressing

2. Position the plaster over the wound, ensuring that the padded, absorbent part covers it entirely. During this step, remember to touch only the protective film and the non-adhesive side of the plaster, not the wound pad.

Step 3 Secure the Dressing

3. After securing the plaster's positioning by lowering it onto the wound, you can remove the remaining protective film. Use your fingers and thumbs to pull the film away, pressing the adhesive side down as you go.

Securing the Plaster

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Post-Application Care

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How do hydrocolloid plasters work?

Our hydrocolloid plasters are intelligently designed to reduce inflammation and create a protective environment over the injury, hastening the body’s natural healing process.

The hydrocolloid layer contains particles that draw exudate out of the blister or burn. As fluid is drawn out of the wound, it creates a hydrated gel over the top, acting as a kind of scab to protect the area and keep it moist to aid in healing and creating new tissue. When the plaster is replaced, all the exudate is removed from the top of the wound, and the new, clean plaster continues to protect the area with a fresh layer of hydrocolloid.

Find out about how hydrocolloid plasters work in more detail in our article All About Hydrocolloid Plasters.

When to seek medical assistance

If you have a large, deep wound, or signs of infection it's essential to consult a healthcare professional. Signs of infection include:

  • Redness, swelling, tenderness or pain at the wound site
  • Hot or hard feeling around the wound
  • Pus in the wound
  • A bad smell coming from the wound

This is a Steroplast Branded Product

From our own range of premium quality medical supplies, manufactured with over 25 years experience.

Product Specifications Table


Quantity Per Box

16 Plasters

Plaster Material

Hypoallergenic Hydrocolloid Gel

Suitable For

Burns, Blisters and Spots





Discreet and Transparent


Individually Wrapped


Where to Use

Steroplast Hydrocolloid Plasters can be used in a variety of settings due to their versatility and ease of use. Suitable for both domestic and professional environments, including:

  • Homes: Deal with minor burns, blisters, and spots in the comfort of your home.
  • Schools: Useful in school first-aid kits for minor injuries in the playground or classroom.
  • Offices: Handy for office first-aid kits as they cater to a variety of minor injuries.
  • Gyms: Useful for blisters caused by new workout routines or equipment.
  • Clinics: A staple in a variety of clinical settings, from medical and dental clinics to veterinary offices.
  • Beauty Salons/Spas: Ideal for dealing with minor skin irritations or reactions.
Person Working Out in Gym

Free Resources about Plasters

Browse our knowledge hub for free guides, resources, and articles to find out about plasters.

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We don't only offer the best plasters for blisters. We've been perfecting plasters for over 25 years to help our customers and clients with all kinds of first aid. As leaders in UK healthcare, our products must always meet high standards for those who use them: in emergencies or just life's little accidents.

Our complete retail range helps shop owners stock their whole first aid section. Buy plasters in bulk here, all packaged up and ready to go on the shelf. Our boxes come with eye-catching packaging with all the essential information on the outside. 

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Our B2B products are ideal for the healthcare supply chain and businesses that need a constant stock of plasters and dressings. We supply plasters in many different shapes, sizes, and quantities.

We deliver from the UK, to 57 countries

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From the UK, to 57 countries

Export accounts for more than 25% of turnover and continues to grow year-on-year, demonstrating our company’s competitive edge and consistent product quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our hydrocolloid plasters are hypoallergenic and safe for use on both adults and children.

Typically, you should change a hydrocolloid plaster every 24 to 48 hours, but it depends on the wound. If the plaster becomes dirty or loosens, replace it with a new one.

No, these plasters are designed for minor burns, blisters, and spots. Severe burns or deep wounds should be treated by a healthcare professional.

The length of time you can wear the plaster depends on the condition of the blister. Monitor it regularly and replace the plaster when needed.

While these plasters can help individual spots heal faster, they are not recommended for continuous, all-over acne treatment. Please consult with a dermatologist for comprehensive acne treatment advice.

What's in this kit?

This kit is based on our best-selling HSE First Aid Kit, which was made especially for low-risk businesses to take care of all their first aid needs in one go. The items in this kit are recommended by the Health and Safety Executive to ensure regular businesses without any outstanding risks are covered and compliant with health and safety laws.




First Aid Emergency Leaflet



Vinyl Gloves (pair)


Paper wallet

Washproof plasters


Card wallet

Safety pins (pack)



Triangular bandage


Loose paper wrap

Alcohol-free wipes


Laminate sachet

Wound dressing (large)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (medium)


Paper packet

Wound dressing (eyepad)


Paper packet

You can also order refills for this kit on our website. Keep your kit stocked with low-plastic alternatives at all times.

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