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HSE First Aid Kits

From £6.15
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HSE Compliant kits are ideal for an office or low-hazard environment and comply with Health and Safety law.

If you're unsure which kind of first aid kit you need, our helpful guide will help you to decide.

Product codeSizeTypePack sizePrice
81291 - 5 personKit - bag1£6.15
80181 - 10 personKit - case1£15.50
80131 - 10 personKit - bag1£9.95
8018RP1 - 10 personRefill1£7.75
801911 - 20 personKit - case1£19.80
8019RP11 - 20 personRefill1£11.50
802021 - 50 personKit - case1£24.75
8020RP-121 - 50 personRefill1£16

Guaranteed compliance with HSE first aid regulations

As injuries at work can be life-threatening, you must be able to reach a kit within 60 seconds.

If your staff are split over more than one floor, you must have at least one kit per floor. First aid kits should be positioned where people see them every day so that, in the event of an emergency, people will remember where to find them. Our HSE approved first aid kits are essential to create a safer workplace for you and your staff members.

Guarantee you meet company first aid kit requirements

A HSE compliant kit from Steroplast will guarantee you are compliant with official health & safety regulations and can protect employees if they are injured or taken ill at work. It includes the essential life-saving first aid supplies on a company first aid kit checklist.

We've made it simple because it really doesn't need to be complicated. We give you less choice but guarantee that with a Steroplast HSE First Aid Kit, you'll be compliant, and on the right side of the law. These HSE (Health & Safety Executive) compliant kits make ideal workplace first aid kits for an office or low-hazard environment.


  • Includes HSE compliant first aid kit at work contents
  • Sizes 1-5, 1-10, 11-20 and 21-50 persons available
  • All cases marked with a white cross and 'First Aid' for ease of identification
  • Complete refills for any workplace first aid kit are available
  • Supplied in strong, durable moulded cases with wall bracket
  • Industrial first aid kit refills available
  • Hard plastic handle makes the kit easy to carry
  • Perfect for first aid room equipment kits
  • Excellent value commercial first aid kit with high-quality elements
  • Ideal first aid kits for work to create a safer workplace

HSE first aid kits in various sizes

1-5 person first aid kit:

This first aid kit size is ideal for individual users or small teams of up to five people.

1 – 10 person first aid kit:

The 10 person first aid kit contents can treat a range of minor injuries in the workplace. Ideal for small teams, this 10 person first aid kit is supplied in a soft nylon bag for easy storage and transportation.

11- 20 person first aid kit:

This medium workplace first aid kit will treat up to 20 people with minor injuries, including scratches, cuts and bleeding. If your workplace requires a 20 person first aid kit, then adding an extra 1-10 person kit will ensure you’re covered for 30 people.

21–50 person first aid kit:

Ideal for most office workplaces, this first aid kit box content has the capacity to treat up to 50 people. If the 20 person first aid kit contents list isn’t sufficient for the number of employees in your office, this is the most comprehensive large workplace first aid kit.  A 50 person first aid kit refill is available for this kit.

Save time and money with first aid kit refills

First aid kit refill items can be purchased for each kit when items have expired or been used; this saves you from using a first-aid replacement kit and ensures your first aid kits are always well-stocked for the next emergency.

Do you work alone or off-site? Take a look at our HSE Lone Worker First Aid Kit.

What should be in a first aid kit for the workplace?

The contents of these kits have been approved by the HSE and include the recommended first aid kit contents for the workplace.

Workplace first aid kit contents list:

Contents1 - 5 Person1 - 10 Person11 - 20 Person21 - 50 Person
First Aid Emergency Leaflet1111
Gloves - Vinyl in pairs1123
Plasters - Washproof10204060
Safety Pins - Pack1122
Triangular Bandage2468
Wipes - Alcohol-Free4101020
Wound Dressing - Eyepad1246
Wound Dressing - Medium36912
Wound Dressing - Large1234
More Information
Associated SKUs 8018 8013 8018RP 8019 8019RP 8020 8020RP-1 8129
Pack Size Single
Regulation HSE
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