Corporate Ethical Policy

This Ethical Policy Statement sets out to explain the relationship of Steroplast Healthcare to society by identifying our moral duties and responsibilities to:

  • Our employees

  • The people who produce our Products

  • Our customers


This Statement/Policy is applicable to, and to be complied with by:

  • Our staff

  • Our suppliers

It is the responsibility of our staff to make our suppliers aware of the Statement/Policy and that they in turn ensure compliant by and on behalf of their own employees and subcontractors.

Ethical Policy - Compliance

The Statement/Policy

Human Resource Management

  • Our employees are all UK based and as such are protected by UK Employment and Health & Safety Laws. It is the company’s duty to comply with these laws

  • We expect our suppliers to abide by the same laws of the countries in which they operate, but subject in all cases to basic human rights

  • Steroplast Healthcare does not accept child labour. We believe it is exploitative and harmful to a child’s development & education and expect our suppliers to observe the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Production Ethics

We recognise our responsibility to ensure that our products and production processes do not cause harm to individuals or to the environment. We expect our suppliers to comply with the same laws and regulations that apply in their own countries.

Moral Duties

In addition to its legal obligations the company recognises moral duties to our stakeholders, those who have interest in the conduct of our business: customers, vendors, the local community, society as a whole. Thus, we will always try to achieve fair agreement where conflicting legal or cultural standards exist between countries.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Trust & Cooperation

We expect our employees and suppliers to respect and observe our Ethical Policy


We audit our suppliers as part of our Quality System compliance procedures. Where relevant our suppliers must always be prepared to tell us where our products are made. We reserve the right to visit those premises or to send in independent parties to inspect operations


If we become aware that one of our suppliers is not adhering to our Ethical Code we reserve the right to withdraw our trade forthwith.

Adam C. Brown
Managing Director