Steroplast vs Tough Mudder

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Last Sunday was the date that two of our staff members had been dreading. Back in March, our office adrenaline junkie Helen had decided she wanted to tick Tough Mudder off her bucket list. She even managed to talk our Head of Business Development Alex Creamer into joining her. Whilst the idea was still up in the air we decided we’d pay for their places if they signed up straight away, and they did haha!

The event was the Tough Mudder North West Full Race at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. The race was 12 miles with 21 obstacles, 500,000 litres of mud and 40 tonnes of ice. Alex and Helen were helped over the line by their friends Louise and Steve.

Tough Mudder team photo

Course Obstacles

The obstacles involved in the race were not the run of the mill cargo netting and hay bales, these were a little bit more intense. Some of Helen and Alex’s most memorable on the day were:

Augustus Gloop

You find yourself in a sloping pit of muddy water confronted by a huge vertical tube. Once you’re inside you have to climb your way to the top fighting against claustrophobia and the constant downpour of water from above. Helen said it was like climbing up the inside of a waterfall in the dark.


This is a giant obstacle, once at the top the only way across to the other side is by using the swinging rings. However when you’re soaked to the skin and covered in mud, swinging across these is not the easiest of tasks. Alex jumped for the first ring, completely missed it and hit the floor 30 feet below, ouch!

Arctic Enema (The worst!)

This one was a real test, and it delivered the worst brain freeze possible. You enter a dark muddy tube and are then plunged head first into ice water, the initial shock is so painful, but you then have to go under again to get past the barrier ahead. There was nothing to say about Helen or Alex at this point except a long string of expletives.

Electroshock Therapy

This was the last obstacle of the race, it’s a short sprint through a field of dangling wires. This doesn’t sound bad, except many of the wires are live and deliver a shock of 10,000 volts upon touch. Alex took a battering in this one. with one shock to the back of the head throwing him to floor and leaving him lying face first in the mud.

Tough Mudder, Alex getting shocked

Our Tough Mudder Heroes

The race was horrendous and not for the faint hearted. Helen even managed to injure herself 6 miles in, but she was halfway round and couldn’t turn back. Helen’s a fighter and wouldn’t let a painful runner’s knee stop her receiving her prize – a headband (are they crazy?). As a team they helped Helen along, everybody taking part helped each other too. It was such a great spectacle.

When asked what were you thinking throughout the race and how did you manage it, both Helen and Alex said “We spent most of the time waist deep in mud deliriously discussing what we were going to have for Sunday Dinner, Beef and Yorkshire pudding with lots or gravy and mustard!” So yes, they are crazy!

Tough Mudder - Headband on the PC

Helen and Alex loved the event, and are very proud of their Tough Mudder t-shirts and headbands, as you can see. They’re even looking to re-apply for next year’s event, and are even trying to get a few more Steroplast members to join their team.