Opticians, dentists and doctor's surgeries, care homes, chemists and a cross section of specific and niche healthcare markets

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At Steroplast Healthcare, we offer a wide range of medical products, and operate within an ever-increasing range of markets. In fact, we often surprise people with the breadth of industries that we thrive in. Beyond the well-known areas of Emergency or Sport.

What are these markets? Well, we’re currently supplying products into business sectors that include dentists, opticians, care homes, GP surgeries, medical centres, schools/crèche/nurseries, airlines, offshore, commercial shipping, podiatry, beauty treatments, TV and film (location medical) and events. We also supply to a selection of niche areas that use or sell medical equipment, disposables and infection control products.


Steroplast Healthcare is also licensed by MHRA to sell pharmacy items and prescription medicines to authorised companies. This means we can supply POM (Prescription Only Medicines) to holders of a valid wholesale dealers license, or on receipt of a POM Authorisation Form signed by a Doctor, registered Nurse (authorised by a Doctor), or a registered Paramedic.

PHA (Pharmacy Medicines) are restricted under the supervision of a Pharmacist, and GSL (General Sales List) products are available for general sale. Call us with your requirements on 0161 902 3030.

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You could even be 40,000 feet up, and come across our products. This is because we supply to some of the UK’s leading charter airlines – everything from occupational health products and everyday first-aid items to burn treatments and diagnostic equipment.

Fingers crossed you don’t, but if you did ever find yourself with a medical problem, either in inside an airport or up in the sky, you’ll be in very safe hands.

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Beauty and Cosmetics

One of our local beauty treatment customers is Manchester’s premier specialist in laser tattoo and hair removal – Maria Patricia. Maria uses many of our products in her clinic.

From dressings and wipes to Sterofreeze instant ice packs, all of which help her to minimise patient discomfort. We also supply many companies in other areas of the beauty industry, from sterile wipes for acupuncture to Sterocrepe bandages used for mud wrap treatments.

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You may be surprised to know that Steroplast works closely with many dental practices – we offer a wide range of products that help with infection control, vital to the protection of patients and staff. Our offering in this area is influenced by insights provided by Dr Ben Atkins, owner of Revive Dental Care and Trustee of the Oral Health Foundation Charity. Ben wrote a great piece about infection control practices in dentistry, published in Dental Nursing (you can read it here), and we have worked closely with him to establish which products practices need most.

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GPs and Medical

We also supply to GP and Medical Centres. As these become more independent, and responsible for their own finances, they have to be certain they are using proven, hospital-quality products in their surgeries – without overspending on their budgets. This is where Steroplast can help. We can provide them with all their medical consumables and disposables, from spot plasters and tongue depressors, to infection control products, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and much much more – all of the very highest quality, and at the most competitive prices.

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Many large offshore companies take a full range of our first-aid products and consumables. Because they’re so far from land, they hold stock of items such as first-aid kits, bandages, burn treatments and haemostatic dressings. Also, due to the nature of their environment and the potentially dangerous working conditions, it’s important that they are prepared for possible emergency situations. This means that they keep airway management, diagnostic, patient handling and emergency first aid equipment on hand to cover any and every eventuality.

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We are very proud to be the suppliers of a wide range of infection control products to one of the UK’s largest optician groups, via one of our distributors. With our products in their premises and by using these daily, opticians minimise the risk of infections, through the spread of germs, bugs and bacteria.

By keeping their environment clean, through constant disinfection of surfaces, equipment and tools, the possibility of cross-contamination is kept as low as possible, and even minimised.

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Location Medical and Events

This industry is serviced by companies which specialise in providing first aid and ambulance cover for film and TV productions, and other large-scale events. These companies supply the medical staff and equipment required to comply with health and safety regulations, both on location and in the studio. To provide this service, they need to be fully equipped with ambulances which meet NHS specifications, advanced life support and paramedic equipment, and a full range of appropriate medicines and drugs. Many of these companies turn to Steroplast to help them meet their needs.

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Podiatrists need to be confident in the products they’re using, to help get their patients back on their feet (sorry). Our branded tapes, strappings, bandages and dressings give them the assurance they need.

In fact, we supply all major podiatry distributors in the UK with a wide range of first aid, medical and infection control consumables. Furthermore, our gloves and infection control range can be found in most clinics, helping to alleviate the day-to-day concern of the spread of bacteria.

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Rehab and Physio

Did you know that our products feature heavily in rehabilitation and physiotherapy? For example, our branded tapes and strappings are used by all top sports physios and athletes for long- and short-term injury treatment. That’s because our products are widely recognised as the best in the industry for both durability and quality. We’re currently work closely with Firesport UK, the England and Manchester football teams for the emergency services, and their physio team. Take a look at our growing sports range here, you will be surprised as to what we can offer.

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Schools and Education

From nurseries to pre-school, all the way through to Universities, you’ll find our products in first-aid kits and nurse’s rooms. They’re popular because they’re all CE marked, which means they have been tried and tested, and conform with current healthcare regulations. That’s why more and more educational establishments are turning to Steroplast to fulfil their healthcare needs. With Steroplast, you can always be sure that your child is being treated using hypoallergenic, latex free products.

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