GMCL finds an expert all-rounder in Steroplast

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As the Steroplast sports range grows ever-wider, we’re working with more and more sports clubs and individuals. We already support several local teams, and – as from the start of the 2019 cricket season – we’ll be an official partner of the Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL). And we couldn’t be more delighted. It’s a perfect opportunity to work directly with the clubs in the league in order to understand their needs and develop solutions.

Established as recently as 2016, the GMCL has grown rapidly. Already boasting some 86 clubs with 220 teams between them. Supporting open-age competitive cricket across the Greater Manchester area, the league is constantly introducing new and better ways of improving communication and administration, while maintaining a focus on quality, health and safety, and discipline.


Steroplast and GMCL: Perfect partners

Why? Simple. Because, in sport, injuries come with the territory. And this especially true when cricket balls are being thrown at you at speeds of up to 100 mph! This means that every club must have an instantly-available and fully-stocked first aid kit, which includes bandages, wound wash, sterile wound dressings, as well as all equipment needed for treating wounds. With a high possibility of impact injuries, a stock of ice packs should also be included.

And that’s far from all. Players also need strapping and supportive tapes – and lots of it – for use before, during – and possibly after – games. These provide support, improve stability and prevent injury. Steroplast zinc oxide, EAB and Kinesiology tape can all assist in relieving pain and helping to support an injured area. Many players also use rigid tapes on their fingers, to distribute the impact when catching the ball, so this must also be available to teams.

Of course, a team’s medical needs don’t end at the boundary – every clubhouse should have fully stocked first aid kits for spectators and visitors. Evacuation and immobilisation equipment should also be on-hand in case of emergency, and an on-site defibrillator is a must.

“Steroplast is an obvious partner to the league, with its expertise in medical products,” said Kieran Coe, Commercial Director at the GMCL commented. “We would like to thank the company for its kind and generous support.”

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Are you a GMCL member? Want to learn how Steroplast can help you?

If you’re a team that’s currently playing within the GMCL, then you can take advantage of our new partnership. We’ll work with you to understand your club and players’ needs, develop solutions and provide you with high-quality market-leading products. We’ll help you prepare for the new season, by providing access to vital first aid and medical supplies. What’s more, as a member of GMCL, you qualify for discounted rates and special offers throughout the season. Call us on 0161 902 3030 and speak to Andrew Watson – you can arrange to come and see us, or Andrew can come to you, to discuss how we can help.

If you come to us, you can look through our range of products, to see exactly what you need. You can even take our Sports brochure away with you. We’re really looking forward to working closely with GMCL in the coming season(s), and helping cricket clubs around Greater Manchester.