Jimmy Kilrain Kelly

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Jimmy Kilrain Kelly was born into the world of boxing and he wouldn’t have it any other way. The sport is in his genes and he was definitely born to fight. His father, Jimmy Kelly Senior, was an amateur boxer and Jimmy used to tag along with him to the gym whenever he could. Boxing is definitely a Kelly family sport, even Jimmy’s grandfather was an amateur boxer. So there was little chance he would avoid the sport. Even Jimmy’s middle name is taken from the 19th Century bare-knuckle fighter and boxing’s Hall of Famer Jake Kilrain.

Gradually, as Jimmy was growing up, he got more involved at the gym and fell in love with the sport. When we asked him why he got into boxing, he simply replied “I just felt boxing was in my blood, my dad was a fighter, his dad was a fighter, it just felt a part of me”.

Jimmy was ready for his first amateur fight at 11 years old. His record spoke for itself, fighting around 70 fights as an amateur, winning 64. He also added a lot of silverware to the family’s trophy collection. Becoming 2 times Golden Gloves National Champion, 3 times Junior ABA National Champion, 2 times Tri-Nations Gold Medallist, European Schoolboy Silver Medallist and European Junior Bronze Medallist. He’d got the attentions of the boxing world as an amateur, and everyone was waiting for him to go professional.

Jimmy Kilrain Kelly

In 2012, at the age of 19, Jimmy did indeed turn professional. As a pro, he caught the eye of the North West boxing scene with his fighting style and attitude. Jimmy has become a very popular boxer, selling out venues when he’s fighting. He hasn’t stopped adding to his trophy collection as a professional either, winning the WBC Youth World Championship twice, the WBO Intercontinental Championship twice, and the WBO World Title Challenger.

With such an illustrious career to date, he’s confident that the future holds a World Title, and we all agree!

Jimmy Kilrain Kelly and Steroplast

Jimmy was born and raised in Wythenshawe, which is where Steroplast are based. We love to get involved in our community and get behind the sports teams and individuals local to us. Jimmy trains in the same gym as Charlie Schofield and so had heard about our products through him. After trying the products for himself he didn’t want to use anything else. Once we had met him and found out what he was about, we wanted to get more involved. Jimmy is a local lad, who is very family-orientated; he’s down to earth, honest and very approachable. When we asked him why he fights, he told us “I box because it is a part of me, and I want to provide for my family”. His attitude, personality and work ethic aligns him with us as a company and we are very proud to now be part of his team.

Jimmy Kilrain Kelly