Jake Best

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Jake Best first started boxing when he was just 9 years old. As a child at school he was suffering with bullies and was searching for a way out. His father took him to Poole Amateur Boxing Club where he found  a natural talent and showed great progress. By the age of 12 he had won Youth Boxer of the Year for Poole ABC. When Jake moved up to secondary school, boxing took a step back as he started to play rugby. He loved the ethos that was brought to the pitch by taking part in a team sport.

When he was 18, Jake joined the Royal Marines and took boxing up again to boost his fitness levels. Once he left the marines, he had two professional Thai Boxing fights but realised his true love was standard boxing. He started to fight in unlicensed boxing, his first fight was an 8 round match against the British Champion. He managed to take the champion the full 8 rounds to a points decision. Unfortunately he lost on points, but this was a learning curve to making the right decisions in his career. During his spell in unlicensed boxing, he amassed a huge and close following. These then followed him into his short amateur career as he quickly moved up to the professional level.

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Jake got such a following throughout his unlicensed career because of his personability and generosity. He had given 100% of his earnings to local charities within the Bournemouth area. This was one of the traits that made us notice Jake. Even now he pushes himself and takes part in additional challenges outside of the ring to raise awareness and as much money as he can for people in need – especially children battling serious illnesses.

As boxing is an individual and hugely selfless sport, Jake wanted to do something extra to bring his people together. His love of a team camaraderie, family morals and inspiring others to push themselves to their limits led to him to set up TBT (The Best Team). He uses this team brand to bring people together, help them develop and push them to achieve their ambitions. He has managed to create a network within and outside his community to help inspire youths. Whether that be helping  a charity or getting local kids off the streets and helping them focus and channel their emotions into sport.

Jake Best TBT Charity

Having pushed his body to the limits throughout his career; breaking his hands, ribs and nose on many occasions. He now makes sure to take extra care in injury prevention and keeping himself in top shape. This led to him to look at many different companies and products, having searched most companies he contacted us. He believed us to be the one stop shop for all sporting health and injury needs.

Jake Best and Steroplast

Our relationship with Jake came about thanks to social media (who says it doesn’t work!). He found promotional material of our Sterotape-Z.O on instagram and was very interested in the product. However after speaking to Jake, and finding out the type of person he is, we were very interested in more than just selling to him. We wanted to become part of TBT and backing Jake Best in his further boxing career. He is an absolute gentlemen and his beliefs and efforts for his local community make him the perfect fit to the Steroplast model.