Charlie Schofield

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Charlie Schofield is a professional light heavyweight boxer with the world at his feet or should we say fists? He is a local to Steroplast, as he was born and bred in Droylsden, Manchester. At 8 years old he was down at the local gym with his dad punching bags. The bug for boxing had well and truly bitten, well that and every other sport he put his hands to. Charlie found a love for training which has come in very handy as this is vital for a boxer’s success.

Entering the squared circle for his first amateur fight at just 11 years old. He continued to box in the amateur division until he was 18 years old, taking part in over 30 fights. During his amateur career he managed to win 2 CYP National titles and a junior ABA title.

At 20/21 he found that he was good enough to turn professional and take on the career full time. His love for training was forcing his hand to giving it his full attention. His boxing career is his true main focus, doing whatever it takes to succeed. He pushes himself each and every day towards his goal of one day becoming a champion.

Charlie Schofield

Charlie and Steroplast

The fact that Charlie is such a local lad, with a buzz surrounding him, it didn’t take long for him to appear on Steroplast’s radar. With our own desire to venture further into the sporting industry it was a no brainer that we should get involved with Team Schofield and become an official sponsor. Charlie uses many of our products to help him train, recuperate and even in the ring on fight nights. By far his favourite product is the Sterotape-Z.O. our zinc oxide tape. Charlie uses it to protect his hands in both training and in his fights. His passion for our tape led him to become the face of many of our campaigns, including our visit to the Therapy Expo and in Boxing News.

We have an amazing relationship with Charlie, he is well-mannered, determined and hard working, he is everything we would want from someone we’re working with. We’re very excited to monitor his progress, we all enjoy watching each of his fights and see him climb to the very top, we have no doubt that he will achieve his dreams of becoming a champion. Together Charlie Schofield and Steroplast make a great team.