Body wraps – Can they really help you to lose inches?

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Can body wraps help lose weight?

The beauty industry has never been stronger than it is right now. Miracle creams, exercises and new kinds of beauty procedures are constantly landing in the market. Each promising to roll back the years, get you beach body ready or help you to become the perfect version of you. One treatment proving to be very popular at the moment are body wraps.

Body wraps or body cocoon/masks as they’re also known, are spa treatments that claim to enhance the skin’s appearance and/or reduce body measurements. Its main purpose is to extract dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin.

Men and women around the world are queuing up to be wrapped in bandages, film and even seaweed hoping to lose weight and remove the dreaded cellulite!

Do these techniques work and what should you expect should you decide to go for a treatment?

Different types of body wraps

Detoxifying Wraps are predominantly designed to boost your immune system and cleanse the body of toxins. This type of treatment is ideal for targeting cellulite, as this is mainly caused by a build-up of toxins. If you’ve been living life to the limit and putting your body under stress, this is your perfect remedy. You won’t physically lose any weight but it will leave you feeling less bloated.

Hydrating Wraps are used, as you can imagine, to hydrate the skin – moisturising and improving your skin tone. This treatment is applied after exfoliation and it is for all the men and women looking for firmer and smoother skin. It is probably the most popular anti-aging technique without having any injections or going under the knife.

Inch-loss Wraps use traditional detoxifying ingredients alongside placing pressure on the skin using the wrap itself. This technique reduces the fluid retention in the skin, attacking any extra inches you may be struggling with.

What is used to do the body wrap?

As stated earlier there are many different types of body wraps. As you can imagine new products are unveiled every day, in time falling in and out of favour. The main products used in longstanding methods are either cloth/elastic bandages or plastic wraps.

Cloth/Elastic Bandages

Crepe bandages and elastic bandages are the most widely used product for a body wrap. Both give good compression whilst still allowing the skin to breath, unlike plastic wraps. Heating the bandages is another possibility, they can then be applied warm enhancing the detoxifying effects of the treatment. Bandages can also be soaked in a body wrap formula, to save applying directly to the skin.

Plastic Wraps

A very similar product to PhysioWrap. A product that is very easy to apply due to its adhesiveness, making it much simpler when applying the wrap yourself. However plastic wraps cannot be heated, do not allow skin ventilation and will not work with liquid body wrap solutions.

Body Wraps

So how long will the results of my body wrap last?

The most important thing you want to know is: how long will the results last. Whether you’re choosing a body wrap to help you with a skin complaint, reduce cellulite, to lose a few inches or simply as a treat to pamper yourself. You can usually expect the results to last for a few days up to a week, as your body will re-toxify itself over that time. This process is much faster if you smoke, drink and/or have a poor diet. You will then see your skin and body return to its original appearance and form.

So, yes, the body wraps can work, but you need to know that this is a temporary fix – it is not a weight loss miracle. If you need to fit into your favourite snug jeans or a tight fitting dress at the weekend it could be your ideal solution.

However, undergoing body wrap treatments regularly and adopting a healthier lifestyle can help train your skin and body over time, providing results that last longer.