Hockey First Aid Kit

Hockey First Aid Kit

Sports First Aid Kit | Medium Kit in Blue Nylon Bag

Sports First Aid Kit | Medium Kit in Blue Nylon Bag

Boxing Corner Medical Kit

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A comprehensive medical kit for cutmen, cornermen, first aiders, and sports injury physios. Put together by sports first aid specialists on feedback from professional cutmen.

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Boxing Corner Medical Kit
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Protect your fighter and give them the best chance in the ring. 

To bring you a boxing first aid kit that supports you for all injuries, accidents, and eventualities, Sterosport worked with professional fighters, cornermen and cutmen, as well as professional sports injury specialists. We carried out research with all kinds of fighters and their teams, including boxing, MMA, kickboxing, Thai boxing, and other combat sports, to create a kit that would support them all.

GB Boxing, the national governing body of boxing in the UK, requires that all fighters that enter the ring must have a team equipped with the proper first aid kit. If you don't have the right supplies, it simply won't happen. Injury is inevitable in a sport where the goal is to knock out the opponent. You must be prepared to handle concussions, head injuries, fractures, dislocations, lacerations, strain, and other serious accidents. 

Ensure your fighter has the right protection to give them the best chance of winning and minimise the risk of injury or complications further down the line. Our kit is backed by specialists and provides a superior level of first aid defence. 

Features of the Steroplast Boxing First Aid Kit

  • The generously sized kit is 24cm x 29cm x 47cm, giving you ample room for any extra supplies you might want to add. 
  • The kit comes with 130 individual items, all selected to treat the most common injuries as determined by sports injury specialists and cornermen. 
  • The dual zip top means the entire contents of the bag can be accessed in seconds when an emergency strikes. 
  • The kit contains PPE and hygiene items, including disposable gloves and waste bags.
  • The kit contains classic boxing essentials like petroleum jelly, a water spray bottle, a towel, and nasal plugs. 
  • The kit contains instant ice packs, perfect for icing injuries quickly, no matter where you are.

The Steroplast corner kit comes in our Steroplast Sports Bag to make it easier to take down to the gym or venue on fight night. The sports bag comes with two adjustable and removable dividers to organise the contents how you wish and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. We also provide a refill pack comprising the full contents of the kit provided in a polybag. 

What's in this kit?

This kit contains 130 individual items, including PPE, instant ice packs, essential wound care and taping items, boxing classics like petroleum jelly, and other handy pieces of kit like a pen torch, towel, and spray bottle.

Kit ContentsQuantity
Blue nitrile gloves - Large2
Blue nitrile gloves - Medium2
Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m2
Cotton tipped applicators20
KO wraps6
Nasal plugs50
Paramedic shears 7"1
Pen torch with pupil gauge (reusable)1
Petroleum jelly 250g1
Self seal disposable bags6
Sterofreeze instant ice packs2
Steropad low adherent pads 10cm x 10cm4
Steroswab 10cm x 10cm30
Sterotape-Z.O. 2.5cm x 10m2
Trigger spray bottle1
White towel1


Product Specifications Table

Closure MechanismDual zip
SuitabilityFor cutmen, cornermen, first aiders, and sports injury physios. 
Contents130 items
Bag dimensions24 x 29 x 47cm


Who is this kit for?

Cornermen and Cutmen

The primary people to take care of first aid in the ring, we designed our kit for cornermen, cutmen, coaches, and first aiders. This kit contains all items needed to care for your fighter and carry out all first aid covered in boxing first aid training courses.

We are a premium healthcare supplier and an essential part of the healthcare supply chain in the UK. Our products are some of the highest quality available, and we ensure everything we sell meets British Standards and MHRA requirements. Using our products, you can rest assured you'll not be let down and have the best chance of performing effective first aid. 


Although your coach or cornerman is responsible for your first aid protection, as a fighter, you need to always look out for number one. In high-risk combat sports, no measure of safety is too far. 

That's why we also work with boxers and other fighters to provide them with their own boxing first aid kit. Ours is complete with everything you need to be prepared, and there's ample space to add extra items you want or need. 

Sparring and Training

Even if you're not in the ring, injuries can occur. It's just as easy to sustain an injury during training and sparring, if not riskier, as you may not be wearing as much protection (though we always recommend wearing the right protective boxing equipment at all times).

Keep a boxing first aid kit close by whenever you're in the gym to tend to any injuries as soon as they happen. Keep fighting fit and prevent the risk of cancelling any upcoming fights by handling injuries early to help them heal faster.

Fight Night

On the big night, fighters must take care of their bodies to keep their game up and maintain their skills. Any injuries, like bloody noses and cuts, not treated properly at the time can interfere with the game ahead. Injuries severe enough to stop the game need to be cared for to prevent any complications that could lead to longer recovery times or even permanent effects.

Get yourself stocked up with the proper first aid kit to protect your fighter.

Combat Sports First Aid by Sterosport

Our sister brand Sterosport caters to the sports industry and communities across the UK. We work with all kinds of athletes, fighters, and teams, from elites and professionals to grassroots and community projects.

Visit our boxing page on the Sterosport website. Partnering with Sterosport is free, and there are lots of benefits that vary depending on whether you are a boxer, coach, cornerman, cutman, physiotherapist, or boxing, gym owner. Whatever your role, we can help get you completely covered for first aid. 

We work with boxing professionals and injury specialists to determine exactly what you need regarding first aid supplies, legal compliance, and supporting information. You can even join the Injury Rehab Networks, a network hosted by Sterosport that helps students, amateurs, and professionals pursue continued professional development and learn about preventing and treating boxing injuries. 

Take a look at some articles written by Sterosport on boxing first aid.

Our commitment to first aid extends beyond the boxing arena. Steroplast offers a comprehensive selection of first aid kits for different industries and scenarios. Our range includes the Vehicle First Aid Kit Bag and Taxi and PSV First Aid Kit, perfect for those who are always on the move. Whether you're a frequent traveller or a professional driver, these kits provide essential supplies to handle emergencies on the road.

For school trips and educational outings, our School Trip Travel Kit is an essential companion. It contains all the necessary supplies to address common injuries and ensure the safety of students and staff. Meanwhile, our HSE Catering First Aid Kit is designed specifically for catering environments, where quick response and proper care are crucial in the event of an injury.

Sports enthusiasts can rely on our Medium Sports First Aid Kit, Quick-Grab Classroom First Aid Kit, and P.E. Teacher First Aid Kit to address the unique challenges and injuries associated with physical activity. We also offer the Stero-Vet Veterinary First Aid Kit and Stero-Paws Animal First Aid Kit to cater to the needs of veterinary professionals and pet owners, ensuring the well-being of our beloved animals.

Steroplast provides the BS8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kit to comply with workplace safety regulations and HSE Lone Worker First Aid Kit. These kits are designed to handle common injuries in different work environments, providing immediate care when needed most. Our BS8599-2 Vehicle First Aid Kit is another reliable option for those who require a kit specifically tailored for vehicles.

At Steroplast, we understand that every situation is unique. That's why we offer diverse first aid kits to meet your specific needs. From the compact and convenient Bum Bag First Aid Kit to the comprehensive 70 Piece First Aid Kit, we have the perfect solution.

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