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How To Apply A Prometheus Traction Splint

The Prometheus Traction Splint is designed to be used on those patients with a suspected limb fracture. Proper use can decrease the pain and damage caused by the fracture.



  1. Apply the ankle hitch around the ankle with the stirrup strap beneath the foot.
  2. Secure the ankle hitch with the ‘hook and loop’ strap.
  3. Tighten the stirrup by pulling on the green tab.
  4. Apply the Thigh Loop by unclipping the buckle, feeding the male part of the buckle behind the knee and slide up the leg.
  5. Clip the buckle together and tighten the strap so that the pole receptacle is positioned approximately at the patient’s belt line. The strap should not be so tight as to restrict blood flow.
  6. Snap out the pole carefully to ensure that each joint is securely in place. NOTE: Hold the poles away from the joints being careful not to catch fingers.
  7. Lay the pole alongside the patient’s leg with the dart at the foot end. Approximately one section of this pole should extend below the foot.
  8. The top end of the pole should now be sized against the receptacle. Unsnap sections of the pole as required and fold over.
  9. Firmly insert both sections into the receptacle.
  10. Loosely apply the Lower Thigh Strap by feeding the strap under the knee and fastening with the ‘hook and loop’ material.
  11. Fit the yellow tab over the dart at the foot end of the pole.
  12. Stabilise end of pole by resting against knee. Apply traction to the patient’s lower leg. Once the appropriate amount of traction has been applied, tension the traction strap by pulling on the red tab. The degree of tension should be in accordance with local protocols.
  13. Apply the Upper Thigh Strap by placing it underneath the knee and sliding up towards the top of the thigh. Secure the strap using the ‘hook and loop’ material.
  14. Adjust the Lower Thigh Strap as necessary. (ideally this should rest just above the patella).
  15. Place the Lower Leg Strap between the ankle hitch and mid-calf and fasten using the ‘hook and loop’ material.
  16. The traction splint is now in position, check for distal pulse according to local procedure.


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